Festival! A WG CYOA

Good Evening everyone!
So i’ve done a few other CYOA’s, and realizing that i hadn’t done a WG focused one, decided to change that! It’s just a little bit furry, and some bad ends might have some other kinks involved, so if that’s a gamebreaker, no biggie!
Find it here:Login Required -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

(The Itch.Io version is a lot more stable/less bugs.)


Seems pretty interesting! There’s a lot of errors in multiple places, though, as if it weren’t correctly choosing which text it wants to give you.

The link doesn’t seem to work correctly, is it down for repairs?

Yep, someone told me literally ten minutes after the game launched. Should be fixed and reuploaded, new one is here.

When you ask the otter for the rules of the Swedish-based game, (possibly only when at the starting weight, also presumably when you haven’t already eaten every chocolate), it give you an error similar to the one described above, with the purple block saying something about a missing If statement.
Also, you repeatedly spell Swedish as “Sweedish”
Also, also, the way that names are input (in the itch.io version, at least) is extremely jarring. It can manually extract you from full screen mode, and of course makes a notification-style request for your name.

Just to make it clear, I absolutely adore this game nonetheless!

Thank you for letting me know!
There’s nothing much i can do with the name input thing. 's how twine allows for it. Thanks for the heads up with the Swedish thing, i’ll try and fix it on the itch.io version
(Fixed up the randomness by removing it where it didn’t work! The Itch.Io version is now officially the 1.01 version thanks to that.)

Hey just thought I would let you know…

On newgame+, if you go get the necklace from the haunted house, it actually removes a prize instead of awarding one.

I did quite enjoy the game and the reward for completing it was quite nice :blush:

What is your user name on itch all the links send me to the main page.


Uhh… No idea how you got that glitch, i can’t replicate it but thanks for letting me know!
I tried a few extra things with this one and it did not pan out, but i’m still fixing it up!

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If it’s any help, I downloaded it as a HTML file locally. Not sure if it would make a difference though.

Ya warned us about furries, but not about dudes, oof.