Fetish Chess Game?

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I’m just curious cause I haven’t seen anything like that yet, but if someone is able to do it I will say it may not play like a normal chess

What Fetish Chess Game would be:

  1. There would be a 9x9 (Instead of 8x8) not only for increase space and piece amount but for add stuff later on

  2. Every piece is a Pawn/Basic minus 1 being the King/Leader that needs to be protect at all cost

  3. Capture Foes (In a Fetish Way Of course & As long nothing blocking you of the capture) your Piece Would Level Up.
    EX: Pawn → Knight → Bishop → Rook → Queen. And Yes even the King can too:

Pawn/Basic- Would be Able to move Up, Down, Left, Right by 1 space and can only capture by X pattern that 1 space (Star Pattern)

King/Leader- Would be about the move in 1 space around themselves and capture as well (Board Pattern)

Level 2 or Knight/Guard- Increase Spaces can move & capture up to 2-3 Spaces & Can Jump over friendly Piece as long as your next to it with an open space close by, For the Leader instead of a Jump he/she can switch places with a friendly piece next to him/her

Level 3 or Bishop/Elite- Increase Spaces can move & capture up to 4-5

Level 4 or Rook/Giga- Increase Spaces can move & capture up to 6-7 & Can Castle with a Leader, move close together and with king facing away form the enemy (As long there in range of each other by Min Space of 2 to Max Space of 3, otherwords if King is 1 Space and Rook is 2 that can do a Castle)

Level 5 or Queen/Grand- Increase Space can move & capture up the 8-9(Full Board), Leader Gains ‘Second Chance’ Which if every in Checkmate the King can switch with ANY friendly piece on the board but is lower to Level 3

  1. Special Skills and Abilities can be used base on Captures, Movements and Close-Calls aka Checks and you get a Token based on those (You can have piece also have different abilites besides movement but this depends how deep you go)
    List of Some Skills:
    Recruit- Bring in a New Pawn (Army Size Max is 25 Piece per Side)

Reinforcement- Bring in 3 New Pawns

Promotion- Level Up 1 Piece

Savior- Save Piece not matter the level and move them to the back of your sides board

  1. Custom Sprites for everyone to use, there would be default but it can up open on a lot of fun

I would like to hear what you guys think plus I would REALLY want to see something like this I can see if being a lot of fun too for everyone as well keeps a classic game with a twist


This does sound really interesting, but the mental image of someone looking at a pawn and biting their lip from lust is too funny not to comment.


Thanks and I can see why lol

This is definitely something I want to see it would Def help with my practice it would make chess actually fun