Fetish focused Steam games?

I was looking at Steam today and noticed they are having a visual novel sale. It got me thinking if I was missing out on a whole bunch of WG/ size focused games that are on Steam that I’ve never heard of. Obviously there are literally thousands upon thousands of games on Steam (and quite a lot of porn game at that), so I was wondering if anyone can point out any fetish games that are on Steam?

*If anyone else wants to find a game on steam that they need help with, feel free to use this topic as a “need help finding” thread. Or if there’s already a topic for that, just ignore this.

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Pirates. Fate. That’s the big one, pun intended, though its got a lot more than purely kink content admittedly.

Also, furry warning. I’m not a furry but still found it enjoyable.


It’s kinda funny how most fetish games on Steam are made either by Japanese people or furries, not gonna lie

theirs also Mice tea that recently released but that’s more Anthro furry TF with some minor expansion content among several others which does include some shrinking content

This fetish isn’t big enough to sustain a game on steam, a platform that takes a sizeable cut of revenue. At least not on its own.

Erm…actually :nerd_face:


I have noticed a LOT of furry stuff on steam lmao I’m not a furry but I get jealous on how good some of the games they get are

It’s funny how these things are considered “furry centric” yet a good chunk of the games here in Weight Gaming are human centric.


things made by humans tend to focus on humans, truly the most controversial take


Here’s a pretty successful example. It’s a solid platformer with weight gain/expansion mechanics.

Well, this is one of the only places where you can find “human centric” WG games. Are humans who want to play games about fat humans not allowed to have a place for their games?

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Yeah, I’d argue there’s way less “human centric” games when compared to stuff like Tribal Hunter (And most of them are either abandoned or eventually turn out half-baked). We really need to up the ante here

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I never said they weren’t. Heck, I kinda appreciate it because fetishes are always treated as specifically a furry thing, and it’s kinda confortable to know that plenty of non-furries can be into fetishes too. And you know what, there’s nothing wrong with it. I think it’s something in general that could afford to be desensitized a bit. :slight_smile:

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I had to get into furry-centric games cause after a while the human-centric ones ended (or weren’t my genre)