Fetish master 3d unity

I am going to remake the fetish master game and I will adapt it on unity using 3d models and the entire game will be a sandbox. All the places such as villages, cities, the beach, the funny house, the Becky’s cafeteria, etc are going to be modeled using blender and you could be able to visit them and interact with lots of objects and npcs. So stay alert on my comming soon patron and new comments. Sorry I don’t speak English .


Oh this should be quite interesting, will all the fat mods be transferred over as well?

Oh!~ Hell yeah! I haven’t gotten into fetish master because of the apparent text based(or almost tabletop like) appearance it gave while I was trying to check it out, but I’ve always been curious, and I’m looking forward to this, a great deal!

Well, good luck, then.

very interesting, I sure hope there’s more furry content involved than just people with animal features

Yeah Is going to be furries but there is only one thing that you could hate me and it is that won’t be male feedees only females I am so hetero and I am not into mpreg at all. Maybe female futas. The use of male characters will be only for give them sex services at the fun house or at the strip club.


well if there are gonna be herms then please give us the option to disable them

There are some caps from the mansion of fetish master 3d female only version


this is going to be te kitchen, lots of food will be crafted there




the bathroom and toilets a lot of fun will be there

The characters diplayed in the pics are only stakeholders, the models will be so diferent and much more organic


i must say it look fantastic. im really look for it :+1:

You made some solid progress dude, keep up the good work :smiley:

Looks awesome, crazy how flexible unity seems to be.

wow, the game looks awesome, so far!
@OP, do you have a demo that we can test, if its possible?

pretty cool 3d shot of this game

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