Fettish master mods Hospital trip stuck

Hey so I have a good couple a mods on my game and I don’t know what ones. So I can’t give specifics there for this issue. Which the issues is I want my char to be as big as a house but their health drops before hand and they end up in the hospital. I can’t get them out. Is there a way to edit their heath and or prevent this from happening (cheating is something I’m good with)

A pretty janky but quick way to fix it is to change the proxy’s regen rate. If you in dev mode, Find your character’s name in the list of characters in the world → Edit Character → Find the generic.regen_rate → RNA Gene → change the value to something high. Should make it so your proxy constantly regens health faster than they are losing it.

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I found with my version (before I borked it with mods and made it unplayable), there was an in game item of a personal re-gen pod but it cost around 500,000 for it and I found that unless your running a version where you get gold for each bottle of milk your char’s produce in your house it was really hard to get. If you have that and set your char to use it every day in the daily task it should help with keeping them out of the hospital

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How would I add an event if I wanted to do something? Also how would I add items?

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I answered this question on another thread.

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