figuring out

Well, as I explained in my last post, I discovered this taste in my early teens. but I didn’t know how to react and I was very confused. so, for a while I was quite reserved for that. and am still at some point, so I was wondering what it was like for other people to find out, if you had help or found out for yourself.

because I know there are people who are well… inconvenient about it. And being a place for people with that same common taste, I thought I’d post about it, I think it might help others understand better, If you have some advice, a trick for certain situations can leave in the comments, I know it may sound stupid, but I wish I had such a post when I found that out, maybe it would have helped me better, and avoided certain things.


I’ve known about my preference for larger woman for years. From what I’ve learned, it’s no shame to have this preference, but it’s best to not openly flaunt it. It’ll weird out the folks around you if you mention your preference, as most of the time your friends don’t want to hear about your kinks and fetish’s, and once it’s out in the open, you can’t take back what you said and it can make it harder to score dates because girls might assume you’re only interested in them because of their weight.


There was no any problems for me at all. I told and telling everyone who ask that I like fat girls. My friends just said everything is fine and there is nothing strange while you still like girls and not guys. My parents were disappointed a little, but I just ignored it. In any case, no one can change my preferences.


Well, if it makes you feel ok when having the chance to spend some time for yourself there is nothing wrong about it. Think that there is always something worse than that and some that actually may hurt other people. But about it just be sure to feel comfortable when you have to confess to someone your tastes and be sure that you trust that person enough. About me to some people i never told it, to others just gave some hints and to many others i openly expressed that i like large girls. Is just a question of confidence and trust, no reason to hate yourself for something you like


People don’t mind if you say you’re into ‘thicc’ girls, but about half of them act wierd if you say you prefer fat girls. Being ‘fat-neutral’ in preference seems to be more accepted.