Fillable pregnancy implant

My proxy is having problems filling up her implant after a certain size; how do you get it bigger once she can’t fill it herself?

You’ll need to get another proxy to help.

Play as another proxy and go to the sexual interactions menu and hit “Select as partner”

This sets the current proxy for use in other events with another proxy. Basically it just gets their character ID

Now go back to your original proxy and go to that same place in the home. there will now be a button “see partner”

from there you can use the option “help with uterus implant”

Besides that i just want to warn you that there is scripted limit to the sizes each uterus implant can get up to. The game wont tell you you’ve reached that size, it will just stop actually expanding.

If you want to change this you can edit a few files (very simple changes). they can be found in the folder gamedata>events>city>hospital>genki. the files you’ll want to change are the ones whose names start with preg_gimplant.

I’m pretty sure preg_implant_normal is the fill-able one, but I’m not sure

In the files the line you want to change will be “max_vol = X” where X = a number. change the number there to something else you desire.

Hope this was helpful enough =P

Ok, thanks a bunch. Thought I was doing something wrong.

Nope! Unfortunately there is a pile of things in FM that are unintuitive

Can’t argue with that and yet I beg to differ on most polite terms. Allow me to explain and please notice I am struggling to penetrate a language-barrier while a bit insecure with the term “unintuitive”.
Intuition, as I grasp it, is an elastic faculty: our children will probably have no difficulty in accepting as intuitively obvious the paradoxes of relativity, just as we do not boggle at ideas that were regarded as wholly unintuitive a couple of generations ago.
There are games both brilliant and highly intuitive that I personally find quite difficult to grasp and as a result nigh impossible to play. Call me a bit retarded and you are not making any big mistake, but I like traditional approach to certain matters and what might look like stereotypical and blah to many is nice and logical to me.
I very much liked that a proxy really needed a partner to assist with implants, for example. To me that was smart because it highlighted the ‘stuffed’ state of the proxy. I still think that particular scene brilliant, though I gladly admit that there could be more sophisticated methods to handle with such situations in game.
To me Fetish Master’s game-setting is highly intuitive already and I am quite curious to take a closer look at the new development with the new mods as well. The reason I am not playing FM at the moment is not lack of content or intuitive approach in the game, but the minor tragedy with my old computer crashing with all nice programs I had installed during the years and my laziness to start anew with many great games.
Sorry about the long message. Just wishing to tell how much I appreciate the mighty work you folks are doing with games.

What i was referring to with unintuitive is more how the engine functions. If you have a game with an intuitive interface you should be able to look at a button and reasonably predict what will happen when you press it (either by what the button says on it, or what a tool tip says, or the button’s color in context with the other button around it, et cetera). Now what i mean by calling FM unintuitive was that there are lots of things about it where you can’t determine what exactly is going to happen with each button.

Fetish master isn’t the worst at this, but its certainly now shining example haha

Ok, thanks for taking time and explaining this to me! Wife’s already been telling me I need to buy a new dictionary … and preferably not from antiquarian this time. ;D

No problem! Your definition wasn’t wrong, it just has a definition that’s more related to technology as well