Filled to the Limit


Entry for the 2023 ‘Push the Limits’ Lo-Cal Gain Jam!
You can download the game on Itch and Steam!

A newspaper ad inspires a girl to become a test subject for some quick cash. She is hired to test her limits with a tube-feeding machine, and must reach her full capacity!

You have two minutes to fill her up! You control the tube-feeding machine and must make sure there is enough pressure to fill her up fast enough, but not enough pressure for it to blow up.

Download Filled to the Limit on Itch or on Steam!


Very smooth, both the interface as well as the jazz! I found it both interesting and amusing how the challenge was maintaining the welfare of the equipment over the subject. Refreshing to not really worry about the inflatee’s safety!

My only minor gripe is that when the countdown ends, the machine just breaks as if you had failed - I had to play twice to confirm I didn’t somehow slip up at the end! A proper completion screen showing your final weight would be good. I got pretty high, but it would be nice to see the value and perhaps track your highest score on record?

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This looks really good. Refined, simple, and right on theme.

okay so this game is good it is easy to understand and master and that a good thing as the game runs great and I do not have tons of bugs messing me up.

@AlexKay Aw thanks for the positive feedback :slightly_smiling_face: I honestly had a lot of fun developing this game and was happy how it turned out. As for the feedback: I do plan on updating it, so I will definitely add a different way it ends if the timer runs out! And for the highscore, I could add an interface that says the highest amount of pounds shes reached! @Dotexe thanks for being so awesome! It had taken me about 2 days to think of a game that could fit the theme, so Im glad you enjoyed it! :two_hearts: @Fuzzd22 it took a lot (A LOT) of playtesting until it was just right! So Im super happy to hear you found it comfortable to play! Thank you!! :relaxed:

Quick little games like this that get straight to the gaining weight is what I’m here for. That said I really enjoyed the art style and smooth jazz, can’t get to 3000lbs for the life of me tho

I really liked this! A fun idea, great art, easy to pick up. All around an excellent game! :slight_smile:

@Tomkatt98 Thanks for the great feedback and Im happy to hear you enjoyed it! I was determined to add a challenging experience to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, but heres a little tip: keep it above the limit until the pressure is almost full, then stay below the limit and use up all of the extra liquid until the pressure is empty. Then repeat. And make sure to get some extra liquid just before you go below the limit. (That’s when it rises the quickest.) Hope that helps! @oceanaga Its great to hear so much positive feedback! Im really happy how it turned out (i was a bit nervous it wouldnt be good) so its amazing to hear you enjoyed it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Woah a free cupcupmug game!? Loved it, excellent artwork and the core gameplay was enjoyable. 10/10 would play again.

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Hahaha :joy: thanks @Bioshock_God Now everyone can play one of my games! Glad you had fun playing it! It’s good to see youre still supporting my journey!

Of course! I love the games you make and the art is amazing. I was able to get to max weight after a few tries, very enjoyable game. It was even better because it was free :joy:

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@Bioshock_God You made it to max weight :astonished: congrats! It’s not an easy feat! And if I could make a living off of free games, all of my games would be free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I gotta pay the bills somehow haha

Thanks for the tip, I was finally able to get to the max weight

@Tomkatt98 Glad it helped and you were able to see her Filled to the Limit :yum:

Times’s Up Update

Instead of the machine breaking down when the time is up, a buzzer goes off and says “Time’s Up” to create less confusion. I also added in a sound effect when she gets ‘Filled to the Limit’.

To install the update, delete your existing Filled to the Limit files and reinstall them.

Android version and Artbook now available!
An APK file has been added! You can download it straight to your android and enjoy the game anywhere! :two_hearts:
I have also added the Artbook! So now you don’t have to play the game to enjoy all of her curves. :smirk:

Click here to go to Filled to the Limit on Itch!

That was awesome :slight_smile:

@Axxis Super exciting to see a gameplay video of Filled to the Limit! :two_hearts: Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Filled to the Limit is finally available on Steam!
You can also find it on Itch~

Thank you to everyone who played the game and showed your support for big bellies! :cup_with_straw:

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