Filling up my roomates - v0.02 out NOW

Yes I’m also posting some art that i create while working on the game that doesn’t make it in for example i made a few renders of kalina and sarah with swaped body types. I’ll also be making some polls to let patron vote on things for the game like which body type a character should have.


Wow!!! I like the game!
But what about a mobile version?

This was actually much better than I expected it to be when I started it up. Yes there are quite a few issues with spelling, grammar, bugs, and the like, but the characters actually feel very fleshed out and it is actually a real story. As such, I really enjoyed the game.

I think the biggest thing for me that was difficult is that it was hard to know when certain events would pop up, so I had to keep randomly going back and forth into different events just to see what would pop up. Which was fun but also a little frustrating.

The sex scene also felt really jarring for me when it came out of nowhere. I would love the option to skip those. I don’t like those in games.

I’m looking forward to seeing the stories for the other girls flesh out though. Everyone is pretty fun in their own way.

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How do you know if you hit the 3rd weight stage for the city girls and do the events only trigger on their 3rd weight stage?

@Red I have not really looked into it but i think bladerune had/has the problem that android versions have a 2GB size limit and since the game is already at 1.5GB i would say unlikely

@jcc309 I will make a setting to disable sex scenes. as for the other thing maybe the stats page will help.

@lycanrex At the moment there is only a very slight difference in dialog when they hit stage 3 and they don’t have events yet. they will be part of the next update

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Playing 0.2.1 on Mac. In the intro, the page that begins “I still remember the day”, gets cut off after “the other half of”. I can just barely see the top of the next half-line.
When you first see Kalina, you can barely see her black suit against the black background. Maybe put a wall or some scene behind her?
Later on, Kalina says “Oh, um… I’m afraid I’ve got two hands when it comes to arts…” She probably means two left hands.

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I found a bug in choosing the next bar scene (something went wrong just pick) in the early game. Loading this save (237.6 KB) and continuing should trigger it.

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Just posting to say, wow is 0.02 a big jump from 0.01, I’m really impressed that the game has gone from pretty bare bones stuff with potential to something far more substantial and interesting already.

Keep up the impressive work, just don’t overdo it or push yourself to burn out.


Really great stuff, looking forward to this game getting even better

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Like many have said, much improvement. Very nice. Even though there’s little dialogue, what’s there is the essentials. Models are very good. Cute faces, variety, sexy bodies. Background are good enough to not be noticed.

Some clipping issues, especially with clothes. I can look past it, but… Could also use more variety in stuffing scenes. Camera angle, outfit, pace and level of stuffing, etc. Anything you can think of to make each round unlike the last. Maybe some way the MC can put his hand on the belly and feel the pressure increase? Or one or two feedings that get cut short, temporarily teasing more? Or have some third party around, keeping things half-restrained?
Locations to go to and secondary characters could use a little more… content. Gal kinda has that e-girl IRL vibe that I want to see more of.
Also, some way to compare WG stages - maybe not a real photo album (how??) but say the MC has photographic memory? Or don’t justify it at all, lol.
Stretch goal, probaby not for this game at all - since you’re fattening and soon fucking more than one girl, you have a harem. Soo - how do they deal with that? How do you win them over? Belly sandwhich pls etc etc. If you’re not into this then fine, just thought I’d throw that out there.

Overall 7/10, be satisfied you’ve already made something worthwhile. Really looking forward to those “maybe next update” scenes too. Also pls make Kalina more top-heavy. The booba is good. I know it doesn’t make sense but if she starts lactating somehow, bonus points for that alone. Every big tiddy gal should give milk.

Bug report: After you pass Sarah’s 0.2 content and go back to 0.1 stuff, if you click “roam the house” renpy bugs out. Might be every time, might be sometimes, I didn’t go chasing it down. Honestly 0.2 is so much better you can just cut all 0.1 content full stop. But, maybe fixing this bug is worth it anyway? IDK.

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enjoying this game! can’t wait for more characters and more stages. Also… I liked this update alot. Hoping there are sfx soon and burping noises


really is pretty good
the added story and characters makes it much better


Yay, one more week and I finish my school semester! Now, I can finally relax playing this game!


The character models are great, most of the locations look really nice, and I think the personalities of everyone are incredible. The main girls especially hold a personality and career combination I don’t think I’ve seen very often if at all, ESPECIALLY when a lot of stories rely on the obliviousness of a character to further weight gain.
Having a gym trainer that seems keenly aware about anything you do has created a very unique story for you to tell. Sarah being very aware of every extra scrap on her plate but digging in anyways. The way she talks about already having put on weight before she gets fired making it sound like she’s super aware that one too many of those “cheat days” could only make her grow, but she enjoys it all to much to say no to the food before her. Watching her personality develop is just as interesting as the gain itself

On the other hand, having the other character be well established in a career that takes a strong dedication and focus be so lost in her work that she doesn’t realize as her appetite and body are growing until she’s already there is a really unique way to tackle the “oblivious” approach. And as opposed to Sarah, who knows just how much she’s eating but chooses to because she wants to, Kalina fits more of an “obedient” trait where she eats as much as she does because she trusts that you got what you need for her. So unobservant outside of her number crunching but so trusting that she’s willing to believe she only ate half of a meal when you absolutely encouraged her to eat more. She doesn’t care about her weight because her job relies on it or because she wants to look thin, she cares because she’s afraid of what others might think of her, especially if it leaves her not finding anyone who wants her.

Both of these characters have super unique stories and they both contrast with each other well. What helps them contrast even more is story presentation. I saw that you were looking to go more linear or open before, but I think the split works well. It makes each girl’s story feel more unique and you pursue each one for a different style of content. Kalina has places she wants to go while Sarah is more open as she just wants to hang out. It helps further diversify everything, though both stories are technically linear, it’s how those stories move forward that really makes them stand out.

The side characters are really interesting too. It seems you set up a lot of intrigue and mystery to their stories so I’m hoping the future includes events where you can talk to them or see their story play out.

  • Gal right away has the mystery of her ears pointed out, which leaves me curious. Along with that, it almost seems like she picks up on your interest in weight gain and complies with “giving away” extra food immediately. What doesn’t line up is that she seems shocked when you bring a heftier Sarah or Kalina to gorge on load of food, when she should probably be aware (and possibly approving of your feedings). Honestly, the way she was acting about giving away food, I was thinking I could sometimes go to the diner and find a way to give extra food to her
  • Ruby kicks right off with showing off her strong personality, though she seems to take a bit of an interest in you as the new guy. Though there’s not much in story for her, I think she’s an interesting character and I think giving you an option to talk to her at the bar would present opportunities for you to learn more about her as well as maybe talk about some of the gossip she catches from her more drunken clients. This would give her the opportunity to talk about the recent gain in some characters, herself, or even bring up how she might be taking note about how much you’ve been fattening up Sarah, Kalina, or both.
  • Jasmine is very straightforward in that she is the oblivious gymrat who finds herself to be above those who don’t work as hard as she does. An interesting little subplot is set up where you discuss with Gigachad how to maybe take some of the wind out of her sails, though once you’re given the ability to offer these super fattening drinks, this plot takes a halt. Will she become aware of her gain and be humbled? Will her oblivious dedication switch to just inhaling these drinks and growing because of how good it feels? Will she try and deny the extra weight even exists or will she try and justify the extra fat is fine because it looks good on her? There’s a few directions things can go
  • Skyler is a very fun an upbeat character and seems to have a strong appreciation for food donations. Overall like her character, but it doesn’t seem like she’s got much going on. Maybe it would be cool if going over to talk to her would be an option that could be added with relaxing would be an idea. Otherwise, not sure what too much else she could do. The beach itself is a good location, and has a lot of potential for more feeding scenes (giving popsicles to the main girls or choosing to buy full meals for some side characters) or non-feeding and non-weight gain scenes (Say deciding to go and hang out in the water and just seeing one of the girls either playing in the water, jogging across the beach, relaxing under an umbrella, etc.)

Overall, for the main cast, I do kinda wish there were more scenes that didn’t involve feeding where you could hang out with them, like playing in the waves in the beach, taking a stroll around town, watching a movie at home, or you choosing to play with their belly or buns outside of a story specific scene. These scenes (sort of like the shower scenes, though serving moreso as extra content when checking in on one of the characters) would not progress the story as it does not increase their weight, but it allows you to admire where they are and engage in new content at each weight stage.

Something else that I think would be interesting would be if the game did cycle through days (not day/night, but Sunday through Saturday) which would allow dialogue like it being Sarah’s cheat day make more sense if you took her out on the day it was her cheat day, while being different on other days. This could also present interesting opportunities to create day specific events Like going to the beach on a Friday triggers a night party event or catching Jasmine going to the burger place out of her cheat day and you being able to tease her for it. This might be a bit too much effort to implement for what it’s worth, but felt it was an interesting idea to spitball.

Overall, really like everything about your story and am looking forward to seeing what comes next!


These are some of my favorite renpy models for a game on this site
good job so far!


Great game and very exited for v0.03 release (hopefully soon).


Same here buddy.
I hope we get an update soon. This game it’s too good to keep waiting.

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These are all excellent observations and suggestions. I like all the ideas, I think they can add some solid improvements.

Maybe instead of it always being the shower the activity could be changed to something else like trying on clothes or reaching for something that exposes their body in a different way but still let’s you observe and leave if you choose.

I feel like the bar has good opportunity to encourage gains from drinking and munchies with various characters. Same with the beach, just needs some added interactions or choices.


Loved the character models, I know we haven’t heard from the dev in a while but I take it that they’re just working hard on the game


It’s been a while since we’ve had an update, but I wanted to say thank you for making such a fun little game. I know it isn’t easy to stay motivated, but you’ve created something wonderful and I just wanted to say that.