Finally, screenshots!

I hope I won’t let anyone down with these!
Keep in mind lots of these graphics are temporary, so anything out of place or pretty shit (some furniture, shopkeepers) will look better soon.

This is the player’s homestead, the main base of operations. Here you have your house, your barn, and spaces where you can build different structures.

The barn can house a single cow girl at first, but by upgrading it you can have up to 4 at once! Here is what the rooms look like, plus some info on the cow girl I currently have.

The things in the text box are her name, value, weight, and distribution stats: 36% of weight gained will go to breasts, 21% will go to belly and 43% will go to hips (so she’s a pretty sharp hourglass shape with big thighs, nice!)

This is the Town. Here you can buy items, upgrade and build structures and buy new cows. There’s also a tent with a special merchant that changes each day.

This is the item shop clerk, currently unnamed! She will sell you stuff like seeds and different kinds of food.

So yeah, that’s all I have to show for today. Thoughts? Suggestions? I’ll hear you out!

This is looking good, funnily enough I could see a weight gain mechanic with the shop keepers

I’m not so sure about this; Shopkeepers have lots of different expressions as well as overworld sprites, so implementing weight gain with them as well would be a bit of a hassle.
There’ll already be lots of gaining with monster girls, let’s leave it at that!

Wow, looking good! The screenshots look alright, but I’m having the stats showing up on the cow girl makes it seem like you’ve also got a fair bit done on the more mechanical stuff as well, which is great progress for something announced recently! Keep up the good work!

That bed tho.

Temporary assets are temporary ::slight_smile: