Finally, Some Progress ...

After putting in some work I made a lot of progress.
I somewhat improved my skills on the pixel art and animation front.
Even though my animations are like 4 frames, I still consider it progress.
Making sprites or animations is new to me, so feedback is also appreciated!
I think I will start my game project soon.
Leave a comment if you like!


I also wanted to know what stable diffusion would do to my sprites, so here is some eye candy!
There is some potential, I think I could use those Images somewhere in a game.


This looks kinda sweet, I’ve gotta say. But I think if you really want to get the ball rolling in terms of feedback, you should really just try to make and release a game/project that you would like to play and the feedback will come flooding in. It does not have to be a big project or anything. If you make a novel or fun game/concept I know from other projects that many people will give their opinions about gameplay and visuals - positive or otherwise. So I guess I just want to say Nike’s famous words: Just do it!


Might I suggest not making a new topic every time as well?


Yeah, receiving a notification for new topics every time is annoying AF…

The last picture is amazing can’t wait to for the game!

Feedee - POC
Importing my animations into unity was way easier than I thought.
No I need to programm player movement. What do you guys say to my little test map?
Feedback is always appreciated!


I think it looks good, do you intend to make a game with her sprites?

wow, the sprites looks really good! will there be more stages of weight? the sprites are way better than the ai you posted, no hate!

well I dont know, I tried my best for the immobile stage

well, I added Player Movement. What do you guys think?
Feedee - POC_Walking

It looks good but I think she should only bounce with her steps or when she moves and not when she is stationary

well, I think I need to redo some sprites. Thank God I now know how to do everything, so it should not take too long.