Find the Food! Save the World!

Hey guys! Another year another game jam!
This time I wanted to try using Game Maker Studio 2, so I tried learning it from nothing.
What i’ve cobbled together is somewhat workable. It doesn’t have any glaringly large bugs (I think)…

Essentially, traverse the dungeon, defeat enemies, collect food and bring back it to the Queen. Be careful, if you carry too much, you’ll be slowed down and vulnerable to enemy attacks!

I will probably fix a few things here and there, (especially a bug I can’t seem to fix) but this is mostly an early draft of it.



I’ll be honest here, it’s got some potential. But…well, it seems incredibly rough. From the wonky collision detection and incredibly fast speed, to the demon queen dying in literally two hits. I’ve collected something like 50 burgers and the girls immediately grew to the size of blobs, which kinda kills the excitement


Oh shoot! I forgot to change back all the variables after testing.

The collision is a bit on the wonky side. Essentially what I get for trying to learn GameMaker in a week.

The values are meant to be much higher. So it shouldn’t be so fast -.-

And the demon queen’s health is meant to be another full hundred higher.

I seemed to get stuck in a loop when I started talking to the pink-haired woman in the first village upon starting the game. The slime says “I have some here!” then the woman says that the slime doesn’t have any at all, and tells me to find food in bushes or the demons are carrying most, and then it starts over again and again.


I believe it’s to do with how the game interprets pressing the button, it tends to last a bit longer than it should, registered another click and thus causing the dialogue to repeat. If you hold a direction key while you talk, it should move you away…

I’ll try this when I next try the game, thanks for the tip.

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I really wanted to like this but like… my attacks don’t always register on enemies and they sometimes hit me from 50 feet away, every bush seems to just have hearts, theres still that dialogue loop, and worst of all theres a GAMEBREAKING bug. If you get caught between a demon and a wall sometimes you infinitely bounce between without taking damage effectively freezing the game.
EDIT: I should clarify, it’s namely the first room bat enemies that i cant seem to hit consistently/freeze your game. It also definitely has to do with collision because it’s way easier to kill them when your slime is bigger.

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Yeah. The hitboxes don’t seem to line up the way I wanted them to, causing weird variations in when attacking and being attacked. I’m gonna try fix it up, but it’s an issue with something I’m not familiar with, it might be beyond me :stuck_out_tongue:

I did make some fixes on my end, I’m hoping it fixes up the issue regarding the hitboxes.

The wall collision is something I’m trying to make a work around for, I’m thinking of just making the character bounce off the walls so you don’t get stuck kind of thing.

Updated to 1.1, should fix some of the more glaring issues hopefully.

Changelog is up on along with the new version!

Keep up the good work Nicksav!

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Had fun, only major criticism is the end boss AI seems unfinished and the games too loud as standard. :slight_smile:

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Wow…so I don’t even need to play the game now? lol

Yeah, I tried tweaking the volume behind the scenes but it didn’t register it and was still super loud. So I apologise to your ears for that one :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeahhh. The AI wasn’t how I wanted it to be for the final boss. I may fix it up properly one day. Maybeee