Finding mods

so I got bored and wanted to use some mods but I don’t know how to download them and I looked at how you’re supposed to download it but I don’t get it

You’re not going to get a whole lot of help if you can’t explain your issue more clearly. If there’s a specific mod you’re talking about, mentioning which mod would be helpful.

I can’t really help you find mods as they’re spread out all over the internet. For stuff tagged as mods on this site, try this, although not everything there is actually a mod; sometimes it’s just discussions about creating or using mods.

Usually mods will come packaged in a .zip or .7z file. Windows treats zips more or less like a folder and can deal with them by itself; for 7z files, you’ll need an unpacking tool like 7zip. Check to see if the author has listed a password, etc. for unpacking the mod as well.

Installing mods is pretty simple once you’ve unpacked them. Unless the author posted specific instructions, you take the contents of the mods’ gamedata folder and place them in the gamedata folder of your copy of the game, and overwriting the existing files if Windows asks you to.

Keep in mind that many mods will overwrite the same files, and in a lot of cases will not be entirely compatible with each other. This might cause some descriptions to mesh poorly or cause some events not to work as expected. Unfortunately, it’s largely unavoidable, especially when the one system in place for event merging is broken in the last proper release of the game.

Once you’ve installed whatever you want to install, just start the game up as usual. It’s generally best to start a new game, as some of the stuff you’ve installed might conflict with what’s written in your existing save files.