Finishing up a new game want to know if anyone is interested

Hi, everyone. Just wanted to tell you and gauge the engagement for this new game I’m working on.

It’s a visual novel-style game made in the Godot engine. It centers around 2 people who live in the same apartment building and find out through a series of odd events that they are both into the same fetish (feeding/stuffing/weight gain/burping). The woman agrees to let this stranger be her feeder and meet in her apartment for a stuffing every night. As the game progresses there are more settings and ways of stuffing her and as the feeding continues and her weight increases so does their feelings toward one another and eventually things start to get a little more serious. The game will be a part of an episodic series with new plot points, locations, ways of feeding, and new characters entering as the story progresses.

I’m trying to make this as much an enjoyable love story as it is a fetish game. I’ve been feeling there is a lack of feederism games that have a focus on story and characters. Though, I fear that might be because there just isn’t a demand for it. Would anyone even care to follow a longer love story in a feeding sim game? Or am I alone in thinking this is an underdeveloped category? Let me know if you’re interested in this game coming out.

I’d like the demo of the game to be released within the first week of March and then either a new “episode” update every month or every 2 weeks if possible. I’m on track to do that but no promises yet since I’m still working out getting the artwork for the game. When I release the demo i’ll release the roadmap.

Let me know what you think. Would love feedback. Will keep updating.<3


I’d love to hear more about this game!

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Im interested for sure

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Every bit of new content is greatly appreciated)


I’m a fan of VNs and for me story and narrative are important. I don’t think there’s not a demand for it, rather that writing can be difficult. And I think you are less likely to have people take chances when they don’t consider something their “strong suit.” Either way, the project sounds interesting. Would definitely be on the look out for something in the future. :+1:

Sounds like a cool idea. What did you have in mind for them meeting each other?

There is certainly demand! For me a romantic story with well-developed characters (and some pictures) is the ideal kind of WG content, and I can’t wait for more.

Please remember when you make your thread in Projects to link to it here so I don’t miss it!

One idea / sort-of criticism: Inviting a stranger into your home is a big step, so make sure that either it’s clear why she does this, or that it’s clear that there is a reason, but the player doesn’t know it yet. In other words, make sure the most likely seeming reason isn’t “because it’s convenient for the plot”.

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To build on BadIdea4’s “invite a stranger into your home” thought, having the characters meet up a couple times outside the apartment would both ameliorate the problem and add to the “slow burn” of the romance.

One possibility, spread across a few days:
–Chance meeting in parking lot or walkway
–Then, “Hey, I’m going to this event downtown, do you wanna meet me there?”
–Then, “Do you wanna grab dinner/coffee?”
–Then invite the stranger back to the apartment

Hello anyone still interested or following this game. Sorry, I didn’t post the game when I said I would. I had a very unexpected and very expensive emergency come up and wasn’t able to get the art ordered for the game. I’ve been working on it gradually and now I’ve ordered and waiting on the art. The demo will be made publicly available on the first of April. The entire Chapter 1 will be available through my Patreon for early access and released publicly the following month. Each new chapter will add new plot points, features, and characters as well as a continuously growing main love interest. I’ll link the project here when it’s finished.

Also, here’s a quick game poster I made with the design for the main love interest. Her name is Mary. She’s pretty skinny now… but for how long?


Oh the first that’s a brave choice. Or potentially great timing :laughing:

It took me awhile to figure out what you were talking about. No, it’s not an April Fools joke I didn’t notice that. lol

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Yes that was what I was implying :laughing:. Well looking forward to seeing what you release.

is there a link to the patreon account or hasnt that been created yet? and will it be a mediafire or itcho download

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If anyone is still following this game, the demo is currently up

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