Fire Emblem: Tree Houses female weight gain Choose-Your-Own-Adventure/Visual Novel

I have had the idea of creating a female-weight gain themed CYOA story adapted from the game Fire Emblem: Three Houses, with hopes of eventually turning it into a visual novel!

The basic gist of the story that I’ve come up with is that it’s set in a slightly tweaked version of the post-time skip/“war” phase of Three Houses. After five years of war, Fódlan is basically on the verge of total collapse, until Byleth returns after having fully awaken to Sothis’ powers. This causes Fódlan’s major powers to reevaluate things, and they immediately call for an end to the war or some sort of cease fire. Byleth herself has been called in to return to Garreg Mach to act as oversee of the post war negotiations, but to complicate matters even further, Sothis is apparently awakening to powers that she didn’t even know she had due to her prior case of amnesia, and weight gain shenanigans shall ensue!

From there, the reader/player will choose from one of five routes; an Adrestia route, Faerghus route, Leicester route, Church route, or a general/neutral route. The story line will be played out in four phases, and each phase will end when characters reach a certain weight. It’ll look something like this:
-Phase One: Starting weight up to 300 ibs
-Phase Two: 300 ibs up 500 ibs
-Phase Three: 500 ibs up to either 700 or 800 ibs
-Phase Four: beyond 700 or 800 ibs
Also want to include support conversations/events between all of the characters, just to stay a little more true to the source material. Characters will have four potential supports with each other (C/B/A/S), and will be able to unlock one support per phase.

Currently am looking for writers to join the project. I am actually a career writer by trade, I used to frequently write fetish related content before I decided to start seriously as a profession, so my role in the project is as a group editor/project manager. I will mainly be proofreading and making suggestions/direct edits on everything being written to the best of my abilities, and will hopefully be able to write something whenever I reasonably can.

Current goal is to just start getting things written before actually fully committing to the idea of a full on visual novel.

I am also viewing this for now as more of a hobby/“in your spare time”-type deal, though I am open to the possibility of potentially opening up a Patreon or something like that in the future IF there is enough interest in the project.

So yeah, if you are a writer, reply to this if you are interested :slight_smile:


@ohlardshecomin @Jacob_Dorsette

I feel really dumb for not realizing weightgaming doesn’t have an instant messaging feature ;-;

But hello! I saw that you both liked this post! Would you be interested in joining this project?

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As someone who rather recently grew to adore Fodlan, and whom has a love of fattening the ladies up, you have piqued my interest and I’m interested in learning more about how this would play out.


I’m glad your interested!

Our current goals are too:

try and get more people involved
Plot out Phase 1
Write Phase 1!

Plotting will be done/kept track off using a nifty little virtual cork-board as I’ve come to think of it

This project is going to centralized on GitHub, so if you do not already have one, you will need to make a GitHub account. Here is a link to the organization: WGLitRPG · GitHub
Just follow the organization, and I’ll send you an invite.

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There is a direct message system on weight gaming. However, as a new user your trust level is still at zero. Going up to trust level one allows you to message users directly.

Once at trust level one or higher a user can click on another users name or PFP to bring up the menu to send a direct or private message.

More details about trust levels are available here.


I’m a writer and a huge FE3H Fan so please, if you need any help with anything - let me know!

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