Fire Emblem Weight Gain Game

I’ve had this idea cooking around in my head and I’ve not got a lot of ideas on how to make it work. But, some ideas I’ve got for it are, enemies can force feed themselves to you, and overhearing with staves adds to a meter that when full takes a character to the next stage of weight. And the enemies are all made of food


Looks like an interesting idea

Unfortunately there aren’t really as many prebuilt engine choices for Fire Emblem style games as there are for RPG makers, which means you’d be doing a lot of the work from scratch. There’s SRPG Studio, which allows for JavaScript scripts and plugins similar to RPG Maker MV, but I don’t really know how much customization you can actually do.

You’ve got me curious as to what I can and can’t do with SRPG Studio, as I’ve never looked at it past the demo. The basic system is still robust enough that even the creator of Fire Emblem is making games with it, but you’d basically need to be able to change character portraits and map/battle sprites based on status effects or hidden variables to make it work well; the basics for actually changing weight/fullness shouldn’t be an issue otherwise. I might take a look into it this weekend, actually.

Interesting idea would be nice to see but as jimbobvii said it ain’t going to be easy. Also what happens when a character gains weight.

You definitely have my attention. Of course if you’re going to make a “Fire Emblem” game, you need a great cast. You put thought into that?

Hold up, I’ve actually had the same idea x3
Of course it never got far becasue A. I believe it was on the old version of the Weight Gaming site and B. I didn’t know shit about game design. But anyways I still have plenty of ideas as an aspiring Emblemier, one of which could have something to do with the Constitution stat from the GBA FE games.

this is a fun idea; that traditional isometric turn based strategy, but with a chubby twist.

it seems like a simple idea, the issues would come from balancing attacks and units/unit types, and making sure there’s enough variety to keep it fun for more than 10 minutes.

I certainly wish you the best with this endeavor, but you might have a lot more success using FE8 romhacking tools, though I’d just start with some basic level hacks before going on to create a whole game.

I actually am working in something pretty similar, I thought on make enemies drop food and used it to gain experience and in certain levels the portrait and the sprite will change to represent the weight gain.
For what I understand you want to use a variation of the fatigue system from Thracia 776.
I thing that will be cool to add to that system will be a “fullness bar” , every time a enemy attack it will do damage to the health and will raise the fullness, and if the unit is too full it will receive a penalty (that can be a stat debuff, reduce health, lose movement, lose the turn or something like that), the bar could go down by the pass of time or by using some type of object.

Small side note for you, @Xane : Fatigue is also a factor in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, when your character ran out of stamina their HP would be reduced by a certain amount based on which character it was, usually hovering around 50%, for example the archer Leon’s HP reduction is 45%.

Yes I was aware of that, but I kind of forgot about it because in Echoes is not really all that meaningful. I was refering to Thracia 776’s fatigue for the way it is acumulated with the use of high rank staves. I like the idea of the magic having a cost, and I think it fits fine with the project idea that the powerful staves comes with an effect in our units waistline.

maybe it would be possible to do the opposite? like needing high fat to burn for spellcasting!

that would require other mechanics to regain weight, like item reliance, a “chef” class that could feed your units, replacing a support role, or etc.

Oooh, this seems really neat! Though I’m not the best with giving any ideas, I’ll give you my pressu- I mean encouragement!