First Shift at Life Gym

Roxanne got herself a new job at a gym but got a huge surprise when she arrives for her first day at her new job.

This game follows Roxanne’s first day on the job where she meets different folks in the gym depending on the path she takes throughout the day. The game has multiple endings and multiple paths to take throughout the adventure through the gym.

This game was made for the Preggo Game jam 2023.

get it here: First Day at Life Gym by Axxisproductions (


Looks interesting, uh, where can I go to find out more about the preggo game jam?

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yeah the game isn’t working for me it finds a save file that shouldn’t be there and aborts the booting up of the game itself

page has been updated, it should be playable in browser and mobile friendly now

thank you!, now that i’ve played each route i got to say it’s a nice little concept for a visual novel and has good potential to be something more than just another game jam partition to now be left & Abandoned

I plan on expanding the universe. As of the release of this game in canon there’s 4 locations of Life Gym in New Zealand and 1 opening in Australia which is why phone guy is there.
What’s crazy is that this was originally going to be a horror game in FNAF style with animatronics but I changed plans half way through as I sucked at drawing animatronics hence it’s a full on maternity gym.
Tales from Life Gym will be a follow up series going over different stories from Life gym locations and there will be a different character present in each one as the customers of Life Gym are always changing.
What was your favourite part of the whole game?