Fitness game

Hello guys!

In this game you are a trainer and can do whatever you want with the figure of Emi. Hope you would like.
This is the starting point, everything else is up to you. You can make her fat, muscular of both. Just choose the right nutrition and training.

Maximum muscles only

Maximum muscles and fat

Maximum fat


why the inflation tag?

my game is stuck on day 38 and i cant continue

There is water inflation, if it does not count I will remove it)

How is it stuck? Have you downloaded the update about 6 hours before?

I’m having the same issue, the game won’t go past day 38

I’m getting the same issue. Latest version, 0.9, Windows. When you reach the end of day 38, clicking on “Let’s finish training for today” doesn’t do anything at all. You can still click on “Nutrition plan” or “You should be hydrated” it’s just “Let’s finish training for today” that doesn’t do anything, so the day doesn’t advance to 39.

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@Xyster3k probably not a good idea to have your email in plain view. You don’t need to login to the site to read threads and there are all sorts of bots out there that trawl for email addresses on forums.


Thanks! Now I know this)

Well, good news! I’ve fixed this bug, try to go forward from your save

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very interesting game i enjoyed it, just wish there were few more weight stages.

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I’m looking at the itchio page and I don’t see any screenshots showing how big she gets. Specifically I’m looking for how muscular she can get.

I’m only bringing this up because the description says the screenshots show her at her biggest as well as skinniest.

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You are right, I’ll correct the text and add here some spoilers)

There is some kind of problem with the link it just doesn’t work

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Hmm, just checked, working fine