Fix The Factory - A Twine Candy Factory Themed Puzzle/Dating Game


This is just a demo to gauge interest!

I’ve decided to take a punt at making a game with Twine! What’s the goal, you ask? I’m glad you asked, me!

I have a grand idea for this “find the item” style puzzle game and dating sim. At the moment in time I know how I’m going to implement it but the demo is just a proof of concept more than anything. What’s more important is the interactivity and the chances to expand and grow yourself (and your future date). Because that’s right. I said dating sim.

Choose your ideal character from the half dozen options and each playthrough you’ll find the workers react differently to you. This will lead you to becoming romanced by them.

This makes it easier for you to fatten them, inflate them, grow them, however you wish.

I hope you guys enjoy what I have to offer and if people like it I will be adding a lot more to it in the coming weeks.


Looks great! Can’t wait to see how it’ll look in the future!

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Great interest


Muscle Growth? Color me interested.

I must say that this is a really good start, with all the varying dialog. Looking forward to more! :star_struck:

Looks great - the plot and the dialogues. I hope that it will be developed.

Interesting,good luck!
Filler text!

This is great so far! Really looking forward to see where you go with it! Also intensely curiousif there’s a reason as to why the workers dont have names


There is a canon reason… but all shall be revealed soon!

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