Flab-Lab (Update 1!)

NEW UPDATE! Added a few more endings.
Latest Version: 402.2 KB file on MEGA
DEMO Version: 397.1 KB file on MEGA
You play as a female that has been captured by a lab and you need to escape but maybe you dont wanna escape…? This was just released so I will try to fix bugs you found and ill be keeping my ear out for suggestions cause i WILL add them in the game (if i like em.)
Dont hate on this twine demo for being short cause 1st of all its a demo and 2nd of all its recently released anyways I need all the support I get! So ill look thru the comments every day to see your suggestions and ideas -VeryMadGAMES



If you eat the whole damn stick I dont even know what will happen to you!

that is amazing

thanks! ill try to make more shit dont worry im starting now!

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Speaking of that I just made an update check it out! :smiley:

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say this hound has a question, I was trying the latest version link but got a document of code stuff, is that supposed to happen or is there a goof up?

Yes just click outside of the code and scroll down and youll get the link