Flabby Fat Bears Pizza

I have an idea for a weight gain game that is based on five night at Freddie’s Something i like to call flabby fat bears pizza and there would be obese animatronics like freddy and bonnie and foxy and it would be homo-eurotic and the animatronics would have from time to time have lewd thoughts and would sometimes make love to you after fattening you up of course

Is this just an idea or a concept you are looking to develop yourself? Your post is not clear and if it’s an idea or concept and you dont intend to develop it atm it needs to be moved to the ideas category.

it is there
i posted it there and i am intending to develop it but i do not know anything about coding that being said i could really use the help in developing it can you please see what you can do?

hey, i had a similar idea. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one with this kind of idea and would love to see it in a real game. :grinning:

Ah I see you are looking for assistance.

So the first thing I would say you need to work on is developing the concept further, especially if you are looking for people to help. As it stands right now it is to vague in how the game will be implemented. Like for example what will the main game loop be, are there win/loss conditions, what will be the animatronics and their behavior, ect. Defining how your game will work will help build confidence in you being able to execute the concept, help estimate the amount of work that needs to be done, and make decisions like what might be a good game engine, ect.

While a bit outdated and more formal then you may need to follow you could use the concept doc I wrote for The Farm when I was developing it as an example:

Also, know what you will be doing and the help you need is also helpful. No one can offer you assistance or advise if they do not know what you need. Knowing what you will be doing in the project also helps to build confidence. Be careful to not come off as “I will be the ideas guy” as that usually translates to “build this game for me”.

I the end getting assistance is all about showing that you are willing and able to see this through. A good majority of these projects never hit a prototype release so most people are looking to see if not only will you be contributing but if you can actually see this through.

lewding with animatronics is really off-putting, probably better that they just force feed you and you try to “hold off” immobility as long as possible as you almost inevitably pack on pounds as the days go on