FlabraKadabra Title

Flabrakadabra! is the story of Michelle, a bike messenger who gets roped into being a part of her roomate’s magic show. Fattening Ensues!

It’s live on Itch.io/FlabraKadabra

This is my first game so tell me what you think!

Music composed by Danny Greyiers

Check out more of my art on Kynesart.com


I’ve always liked your comic series on dA, can’t wait to try out your new game.


Yo! I’m glad you’ve like my comics! If you’re a fan of those then I’m sure this game will be to your tastes. Be sure to let me know what you think of it!


More of a straight line short story than a game, but it’s a wholly enjoyable short story :smiley:

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Love how expressive and how many portraits there were! Looking forwards to more of these stories.

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Super cute little thing! Michelle’s adorable!

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That’s true! No branching paths or anything yet, but maybe in future projects.

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Thank you! Art is my main jam so I worked hard to get that part right!

Thank you! You’re adorable!

Just wanted to chime in as someone that has enjoyed your work for a good while that this was a great first foray into game/VN development. What it may lack in length/branching content it makes up for in spades with polish and presentation. Excited to see more projects from you down the road! (And I can be available for writing help if you’d ever like some)


Thank you so much! I’m definitely planning to make something more substantial in the future and I’m willing to accept all the help that’s on offer!

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this is pretty good!

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This is a nice little proof of concept! I wanna echo what everyone else said: it’s very concise, but everything that is present is polished. My only complaint is that it seems to be just a vehicle for visuals as it is now, which is understandable given its short length, but as someone familiar with the written stuff you’ve thrown up on your DA in the past, I admit it makes me curious what a longer project from you with more narrative breathing room would look like, e.g. Transformation Punishment Game was a good sequence with good writing and a good premise (read: high neuron activation), and it seems to me that something like that would lend itself very well to a choice-driven VN-type game.

I’ll echo CreatureFeep and say if you want a hand with a bit of writing or of coding for future projects, I could potentially lend a hand. I’d just like to see the next project!


Not bad it has good flow and the artwork and background are good this is a very good start.