Flarea Gain

better to write it here than in the other post
new update is avalibable now
it adds a lot of vore so come check it out


Awesome, I was just looking for the other thread to this, what good timing. Thanks for the update, also your itch background always cracks me up.

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Cool update but already ran into a bug, the forest doesn’t seem to reset preventing you from hunting after using up your initial hunting energy once unlocked

Same here Love the idea of the hunting but did it once and every time i try it again it says im too tired even after buying the hunting pill.

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Don’t create a new thread for each update, that just makes it more confusing for people to find your game. Just send a message in the thread and update the main post.


The vore is optional, right?

is totally optional, if you want to play without vore simply dont go to the forest


the old thread had a too large name im moving to this one as the main one

You can change the title, just click the pencil icon next to it on the main post. Old thread is closed now but for future reference just do that.


The new vore content is really great! Though there are a couple of bugs. You can eat Emmery several times and easily gain weight, while eating Kali gives a blank page.
Edit: tried eating Kali first and it didn’t give me the blank page

don’t suppose there will be an option to download it at some point? Whether it be for windows, mac, or linux?


they said in the previous post they would once it was fully finished but as of right now no

ah, I see. Testing it right now and I do like what I am seeing

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Saw the new update on itch.io, sure its been a while since it came out but, figured I’d inform viewers/users of this website that some stuff has been added. Since the dev is rather busy with life (since my Oct 23 post is the last and nothing since). Good things take time, may progress continue :smiley:


Here are the patch notes for the latest version (0.1E). The spoiler just says how to get to a new route/quest.

-Kinode Chapter: You can now play something like a quest with this character to fatten him up. You can access it by looking for Brielle at base weight and then looking for Brielle at 50-60 kg

-Save: You can now save the game

-Some minor bugs fixed


Absolutely loving it so far :blush: