flashing the enemy

so I’m working on Adriana and I’m working on her dances, well I thought it would be interesting if one of the dances ends up her flashing the enemy, so my question is, which would you think would be better? blind status ailment? or silence ailment? or if you have a better idea I’m all ears, I’ll leave this pole open for a long while, because if I see an idea that I enjoy greatly I could quickly update it and release the small patch

Perhaps flashing them can stun them for a while?

Just to be completely clear, in what sense are we talking about ‘flashing’ the enemy here?

If nudity, I agree the enemy should be stunned (or have a chance to be). If an actual flash, then blind.

it is nude, though you don’t see anything since it’s only in battle, hmm might also give a 5% chance of charming the opponent