Flomax intro

Hello all! I’ve been around a bit, mostly in the rpgmaker sections of the board commenting on
projects and the like. The two games that inspired me the most are Some Bullshit and Apostles. I’ve always had an interest in creating a game on account of my imagination and creativity and with the gain jam coming up that was the last push I needed. I decided to get rpgmaker mv myself and even though I’m a complete newbie at it, I’m learning more and more each day through my own project I’m slowly working on. I’m not too talented at art but I plan to push through and see my project out until I’m satisfied with the result.

I’ll likely make a thread on my rpgmaker project within the upcoming days or so but if you need me or want to ask questions sooner, you can always hit me up on discord as I’m in the wg community discord too.


Good luck, always great to see the creator community grow if you pardon the pun.


greetings and welcome to our community! i’ve seen some of what you’ve posted on the discord and i’m interested to see what comes of your creative ventures (:

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Welcome! Happy to have you here with us and I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Best of luck to you!