fo4 bodyslide help + my personal favorite preset

Ok so first thing’s first: the links for everything you need to make your own default female body in fo4, in case you don’t have it already.

These are NECESSARY:
Fallout 4 Script Extender:
CBBE: www(dot)nexusmods(dot)com/fallout4/mods/15?tab=description
Bodyslide tool for CBBE: BodySlide and Outfit Studio at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community

Atomic Beauty mod: www(dot)nexusmods(dot)com/fallout4/mods/12406?tab=description
(I seem to recall this mod adding some sliders to the Bodyslide tool, but this was a while back so I’m not quite sure of that)

LooksMenu: www(dot)nexusmods(dot)com/fallout4/mods/12631?tab=description
(This mod allows you to change your own body and those of NPCs using the console command “slm”, almost exactly how you would modify a character on a new game save)

OK. Now comes the hard part: learning how to use Bodyslide effectively. Here’s a guide I threw together that has the values for my own personal preset, alongside a description of what each slider does (to the best of my ability). REMEMBER that all sliders can accommodate values that are unreachable by moving the slider (negative numbers + numbers >100)!!!

Full Body (these affect overall body shape, bodyslide default is the best by far imo)
Vanilla FO4: 0
7B Upper: 0
7B Lower: 0

NipBGone: 0 (increasing flattens nip)
NippleAreola: 100 (self-explanatory)
NippleDistance: 250 (increasing brings nips+areola closer to center)
NippleDown: 100 (increasing lowers nip+areola position)
NippleLength: 0 (self-explanatory)
NipplePerk2: 100 (increasing pushes out nips+areola together, more centered than NipplePerkiness)
NipplePerkiness: 100 (increasing pushes out nips+areola together, wider effect than NipplePerk2)
NippleSize: -100 (increasing makes nips SMALLER, also affects central areola)
NippleTip: 0 (increasing points nip upward)
NippleUp: 0 (increasing has effect like hands pulling tits upward by the nips)
NippleShape: 50 (increasing makes nips longer)
NippleTwistUp: 0 (much more drastic + tip-centered version of NippleTip)

Breasts: 100 (self-explanatory, slightly more forward but generally balanced size increase)
BreastsCleavage: 0 (increasing tightens cleavage, also brings nips up + in)
BreastsGone: -100 (increasing makes tits flatter + more downward-pointing)
BreastsNewSH: 100 (incrasing enlarges tits, more downward size increase than Breasts)
BreastsSmall: 0 (increasing makes tits smaller, affects bottom side slightly more)
BreastsSmall2: 0 (increasing makes tits smaller + somewhat more downward-pointing)
BreastsTogether: 50 (increasing pulls tits together, like hands pushing tits together from the sides)
BreastTopSlope: 0 (increasing makes top side of tits flatter)
BreastWidth: 50 (self-explanatory, does not widen cleavage)
DoubleMelon: 0 (increasing enlarges tits, “pumps up” top side)
PushUp: 0 (self-explanatory, like an invisible bra)
BreastCenter: 0 (increasing slightly makes bottom of tits less droopy)
BreastCenterBig: 0 (increasing slightly enlarges base of tits, tightens inner cleavage)
BreastFantasy: 50 (increasing enlarges tits, has moderate “pump-up” effect)
BreastFlatness2: -50 (flattens tits from the front, like BreastsGone but does not move nips)
BreastGravity2: 50 (self-explanatory)
BreastHeight: 0 (self-explanatory)
BreastPerkiness: 0 (increasing somewhat shirnks tits from all sides EXCEPT the front)

ChestDepth: 50 (increasing pushes chest forward)
ChestWidth: 100 (self-explanatory, affects chest AND mid-torso)
ChubbyWaist: 50 (increasing widens mid-torso)
SternumDepth: 0 (increasing slightly widens inner cleavage)
SternumHeight: 0 (increasing slightly puffs up top belly/bottom chest, makes cleavage tighter inside + wider on bottom)
Waist: 100 (increasing widens belly+chest+mid-torso, like ChestWidth but also widens belly)
WaistHeight: 0 (increasing makes waistline+bellybutton higher, kinda “replaces” mid-torso with lower torso from the bottom up)
WideWaistLine: 0 (increasing widens ONLY the center waistline of the torso)
Back: 50 (increasing pushes back outwards, makes torso look deeper/wider from side view)
BackArch: 100 (increasing pushes out bottom of back, where torso transitions into butt)
BigTorso: 100 (increasing pushes out torso in all directions except up/down, general fattening)

ChubbyArms: 50 (increasing fattens arms, biceps more than forearms)
ShoulderSmooth: 0 (increasing lowers top-shoulder height)
ShoulderTweak: 0 (increasing slightly enlarges the trapezius muscles aka “shoulder-neck connection”)
ShoulderWidth: 0 (self-explanatory)
Arms: 0 (increasing SLIMS entire arms)
ArmpitHeight: 0 (self-explanatory)
ForearmSize: 50 (self-explanatory)

PregnancyBelly: 50 (increasing greatly enlarges belly, slightly enlarges tits, slightly top-focused round pregnant shape)
TummyTuck: -150 (increasing draws in bottom belly + fupa)
Belly: 50 (increasing enlarges belly, even distribution/mid-focused)
BigBelly: 50 (increasing enlarges belly, top-focused)

HipBack: 0 (increasing pushes hips back, makes stance like pushing ass outward)
HipBone: 100 (increasing widens hips, focus is top-hip)
Hips: 0 (increasing widens hips, focus is normal hip area)
HipUpperWidth: 0 (increasing widens “hips”, actually more like midriff/waistline)

Butt: 100 (self-explanatory, does not alter ass shape, slightly widens hips)
ButtCrack: 0 (increasing tightens buttcrrack)
ButtNew: -100 (increasing slightly flattens top side of ass, makes bottom side of ass less “bubblebutt”/more blended into thighs, enlarges top thighs)
ButtShape2: 100 (increasing widens hips, kinda lowers ass position)
ButtSmall: -50 (virtually direct opposite of Butt, afftects lower back + top hips slightly less than Butt)
ChubbyButt: 50 (increasing widens hips with top-ish focus, enlarges ass)
CrotchBack: -150 (increasing draws in crotch, basically anti-fupa)
Groin: 0 (increasing pushes pussy area out+down)
RoundAss: 0 (increasing enlarges ass, top-focused)
AppleCheeks: 150 (increasing enlarges ass directly outward, makes “bubblebutt” shape)
BigButt: 100 (increasing enlarges ass with bottom-ish focus, widens mid-hip)

Legs and Feet
Calf Size: 100 (increasing enlarges top half of calves)
Calf Smooth: 100 (increasing shrinks top half of calves but makes them less bulgy)
Chubby: 100 (increasing enlarges entire legs, thighs more than calves)
Knee Height: 0 (self-explanatory, makes thighs shorter + calves longer)
Shape: 0 (increasing changes bottom leg shape to be thinner + more backward-focused)
Thin: 0 (increasing shrinks legs, calves more than thighs)
Slim: 0 (increasing shrinks legs, thighs more than calves, also shrinks hips)
Thighs: 100 (self-explanatory)
Ankle Size: 0 (increasing SHRINKS bottom calves + ankles)
Feminine Feet: 100 (increasing makes feet+ankles thinner/more dainty)

Muscle Definition (not my thing but i think some ppl here like musclegirls too?)
Chest: 0
Arms and Back: 0
Butt: 0
Legs: 0

Here’s more helpful tips for using Bodyslide:

  • There’s a preview button where you can see a model of your values before you build the preset file.
  • You can press the batch build button to build refits for all of the base game + dlc outfits, so they actually fit your model.
  • Larger bodies may have issues with clothes and hands/arms clipping into the body.
  • When you batch build, be sure to select the body base that MATCHES the one you used when creating your preset. I recommend CBBE Physics.

Finally, if anyone else has helpful tips for fo4 modding, Bodyslide or otherwise (but preferably sticking to body edits/maybe outfits, for sake of relevance lol) please feel free to share! Also feel free to share your own value sets for your own favorite body presets! Fallout 4 is a game that has TONS of replayability AND customizability, so I really hope this guide helps you make the most of it. Best of luck, and have fun :upside_down_face:

P.S.: I got an error saying I could only put in 2 links so for the other links, just replace the (dot) with an actual dot lmao


If you don’t want to use AB, there are other bodies that also have better sliders. Right now, I’m using a rather complex combo of both TWB (True Wasteland Body) and a slew of physics mods to make it more… fun. There’s already some bbw presets on nexus for TWB for those not wanting to do trial and error.

The downside of mods with extra sliders like TWB or AB is getting uniforms and the like to work properly with them - especially if you try then adding physics into the mix. I do not recommend people new to FO4 modding trying to get their heads around physics mods - they’re really a lot more work than they’re worth but they do exist.

Atomic beauty is not a requirement from my point of view. CBBE is usually sufficient for most players (remember to get the reduced version if you want to keep dismemberment or avoid crashing with this same feature).

We’re on a WG forum and so for the body, I couldn’t recommend coldsteelj’s WG mod enough (AND ITS REQUIREMENT!!!) if you’re into that stuff. Be careful on the instruction. And be aware that its script can consume fps when active (like when digesting etc.). There is also a vore mod.

I think you could take a screen shot of your bodyslides for the example and then share your bodyslide file.

sorry but does this also work for skyrim as well?

Why not go a step further and use coldsteelj’s SSBBW / weight gain mod? You’ve already got the dependencies for it.

I already recommended coldsteelj’s mod before seeing your post, but I’d also highly recommend Rad Morphing Redux from LL along with it. It makes radiation damage contribute to increasing sliders of your choosing, i.e. breasts, butt, hips, thighs whatever. Just be sure not to make it so that it uses the same sliders that other mods use, like coldsteelj’s sliders, because one will override the other and won’t keep the desired effect and reset when a script from either mod updates the sliders.

Edit: I forgot that Rad Morph Redux makes you type in the name of the slider to be used in the MCM menu for it, which can leave some people clueless as to what the proper name is, because you have to use the slider name as it is in the files, not in the character creation menu. So I will do a post on how to do that if anyone is interested in using RMR.

Coldsteelj is pretty good, however I found it won’t work if you use the Horizon mod (survivor).

Yeah, it’s a shame that it’s not compatible with some of the really good overhaul mods. I like to use smaller QOL mods to improve survival play as well as mods that make gaining weight/taking rads or eating certain foods more punishing on a survival playthrough.

I’d appreciate it if you would rattle off some of thos QOL mods.

My coldsteelj profile is geared more towards complimenting that mod than my BOS or RR profiles which are geared more toward tactical / insurgency playthrough. Or how Horizon is geared toward improving survival playthrough. But I got plenty of mods I can recommend for a coldsteelj playthrough.

Obviously food / drink mods:

  • Grab and Eat (Nexus) no more using your Pip-Boy to eat/drink something you see find in the world.

  • Detailed Urban Food (Nexus)

  • Urban Food Expanded (Nexus)

  • Appletree Bakery Expanded (Nexus)

  • Slocum’s Joe Coffe & Donuts Pack - Creation Club

  • CC Coffe and Donuts / Appletree Bakery Patch (Nexus)

  • YuVend Inc. (buried mods) adds vending machines with new items, placed throughout world. Quest for crafting blueprints and warehouse settlement in Concord.

  • Slurm (Nexus) - adds Slurm from futuama. careful, it’s highly addictive!

  • Freckle Bitches (BuriedMods) - adds FB restaurant and food items from Saints Row near Oberland Station.

  • Burger Time (Nexus) - food items

  • Bakery - From Pie to Pizza (Nexus)

  • KBT Snacks - small mod. Adds 3 junk food items.

  • Booty O’s (Nexus) - because why not?

  • Alcohol Provides Health (Nexus) - does what it says, but also makes drinking alcohol trigger the effects you would expect coldsteelj’s mod to have, but doesn’t since the vanilla game does not consider alcohol to be a liquid that goes in your stomach just like water or Nuka Cola.

  • Immersive Animation Framework (Nexus) - animated eating, drinking and use of other consumables. check for patches for other mods like YuVend Inc.

  • NPCs Need to Eat and Sleep (Nexus) - only for active followers/companions. Due to limitations with coldsteelj’s mod, followers and companions will not gain/lose weight from this, but it’s a neat mod.

  • Rad Morphing Redux (LoversLab) - radiation will apply morphs to sliders of your choosing, and morph active followers/companions if YOU take rad dmg. works with;

  • Combat Strip Lite, and Combat Strip Lite Ripping SFX (LoversLab) - configurable so that growing too big from rad morphs, your worn clothing will be torn and removed.

  • Build Your Own Pool (Nexus) - has cool workshop stuff, butt is also useful if you are using RMR as it includes and decontamination shower that will remove rads without reducing the morph effects if you configured RMR to be curable by doctors only. Great for if you’re playing a character who faces challenges and struggles in the wasteland because of her weight and tries to manage her weight against the odds. DeCon showers come in handy when you don’t want to spend caps for a doctor to cure rad morphs and don’t have or don’t want to use RadAway because it induces hunger/thirts, which leads to weight gain.

  • Greedy Doctors (Nexus) - increases doctor service prices, including curing those rad morphs you’ve accumulated with RMR, to be more punishing. Recommend if you use RMR.

  • True First Person Camera (Nexus) - has dependencies, like MCM, Custom Camera, etc. Great if you want to look down and see your feet - or if you can even still see your feet!

  • Smokeable Cigarettes, Cigars (Nexus) - if you desire to play a character who smokes, wants to autosave in Survival, and doesn’t mind the negative effects (inhaling rads). Works with RMR and YuVend Inc. cigarette machines.

  • Running Breathing (Nexus) - makes sense if your character is a BBW.

  • NPC Inventory Manipulating Sniper Rifle (Nexus) - I installed this after getting frustrated with not being able to change what certain “protected” or “essential” NPCs wear because I can’t “Trade” with them. And some mod-added NPCs, like the waitresses from Freckle Bitches come with outfits that are not compatible with coldsteelj or CBBE bodyslide.

As For mods that do some of the things Horizon does, like sending enemy factions after you if you get on their bad side:

  • Crime and Punishment (BuriedMods) - has a bounty system like Horizon
  • Gun For Hire (BuriedMods) - be a bounty hunter and do kill/capture missions. Comes with HQ outside DC that can be made into either a settlement or player home.
  • NPCs Travel (Nexus) - The Vault Dweller isn’t the only one who has places to go!
  • Infiltrator - Disguises (Nexus) - Hitman-style acquiring of faction disguises, plus other features. Gives you another tactical option. Check for Compatibility patches (can’t remember if it has any)
  • Knockout Framework (Nexus) and other mods complimentary like Non-Lethal Armory (also Nexus) - Gives you even more tactical options. See compatibility patches for Gun For Hire and Others.
  • BBMR - Golden Packaged Edition (Nexus) - Combat tweaks and overhaul
  • ECO - Equipment and Crafting Overhaul - Redux (Nexus) - more options for weapons, armor, etc.
  • If you’re like me and don’t like using vanilla weapons, I reccommend Q.M.W. - Quick Modication Weapon (Nexus) - it allows you to attach/detach suppressors and swap out optics on those Glocks and MK18s without the need for a Weapons Workbench.

And there’s so many more I use. I have over 250 mods on my coldsteelj playthrough profile, and about the same amount on my other two tactical playthrough profiles. And the way I find mods, with any game, is I just keep a notepad handy while I play a game and whenever I think about something the game is missing or what vanilla features could use improvement, I write it down and use the search bar on Nexus or other mod sites to look for mods that fit my needs.
Lovers Lab also has some interesting stuff if you know what you’re doing and want to tackle the challenge of installing the AAF Framework and all that.
As for item sorting and UI stuff like Horizon does, I couldn’t tell you how well it will play with coldsteelj’s mod as I don’t use them on that profile. I find that Rename Anything (Nexus) is useful for sorting inventory, among other things.


Amazing list, I will look forward to trying them out on my next playthrough. I find running with Horizon is challenging.

I just found another mod for FO4 on LL. I’m installing it now. I just thought I would add it to the list.
Unhealthy Craving
Unhealthy Craving - Other - LoversLab

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True, I have had some issues with outfit clipping but was mostly able to offset it by sticking to realistic sizes. I’ll have to look at true wasteland body tho–thanks :slight_smile:

TBH I’m not sure I want to use the coldsteelj mod, I prefer to keep my mods aesthetic only and that one adds new mechanics. But it did seem really good, so if I get bored enough to change my mind I very well might lol. I’ve been having issues with my internet, but I’ll try to get some screenshots and the .nif file up when I have better connectivity :+1:

There is indeed a CBBE for skyrim (coming to a smart fridge near you), and I haven’t screwed around with making my own presets on that one but I’d imagine it’s much the same

Not really one for gameplay mods myself, but I have considered coldsteelj’s mod if I get bored enough to relax my stance on that. As for the other one, probably not but I can imagine it playing well into a ghoulish perk build

Damn king, thanks for the info–that might keep me busy for a while lmao