so like, softerrounder kind of made a recent image that seems like a great idea, but i have no real skills to either code or do spritework, so

would anyone think of making a doom wad, kind of based around or similar to Hdoom, about feeding demon girls till they’re immobile?


we could call it Fdoom


feeder doom

we could even have two separate sprites of enemies, ones for “regular defeated”(stuffed), and one of “gibbed”(immobile)


If we’re on the topic of weight gain, why not include whoever we play as? Someone could make a female model to be shown on screen while playing, and maybe power-ups could make you gain weight as well as lose it? And maybe if you were fatter you could break through certain walls to get through parts of a level, but if you were too fat you couldn’t fit through narrow passages until you lost weight?


When a Demon girl gets fatter she gets more power and more mana. when she uses magic she loses her weight. it will also be cool if there are any kind of enemies who can absorb the weight.

the story can be about mistress who has a lot of power and is therefore very fat as a starting demon girl. you try to knock off the mighty misstress of her throne. to sit there yourself. this in quick guidelines


well to be honest, stuff like breakable walls and enemy states would require a lot of extra work for what i kind of envisioned

i think just a bunch of sprite swaps for both weapons, pickups, and enemies would be a good start


If we can get someone for the spritework, I’d definitely be up for messing around with ZDoom to see what we could create. Enemy states wouldn’t even be too hard to do, I think – using the morph system or the DECORATE state system.


I can totally help with this! I’ve had this idea for awhile, actually, except both parties, demons and players, could gain. I’m not much of an artist, but I’m fairly familiar with DECORATE, ACS, and I’m gonna learn ZScript, so I can work with functionally! That and, if needed, level design.