Food Frontline: a WG, Card Collector Game [Temporary Closed]

Oh the chibi walk cycles are really cool! Nice work


Okay, this is epic. Also very stubby.


Hell yeah! Your outdoing yourself!

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Small Progress Update:
Midterms are over! I may or may not have failed some of them…
Anyway, I got some time to work on the two new classes: airstrike and artillery. You can choose what kind of rounds they fire, sauce-based rounds (BBQ, chili,…) do not do damage, they only apply the sauce on the targets and stun them for a bit, but dolls with those elements will do 200% damage to them! HE rounds will do massive damage, but in exchange the lost calories of the enemies wont be absorbed. These two support classes will be crucial in battles with numerous enemies.

Artilery: single explosion with large radius

Airstrike: a series of small explosions along the flight path

Other tasks:

  • You can now select dolls in combat and choose their targets. If the target is out of range, the doll will attack the closest enemy.
  • Added new dolls: Penny, Aya, Amber
  • Updated the render of Aria, Rye, Rose

Update maybe out soon, but I got projects due next week, sorry.


It look awesome :grinning: good luck with youre projects :muscle:

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Major Update (v 0.2):

  • Added [:star:] button to put the doll on the main menu
  • Added [ :information_source: ] button to hide doll stats
  • Added Artillery, Airstrike, and Rifle class
    - NOTE: Airstrike needs to be deployed manually
  • Added interactive map for each stage
  • Added basic dorm (headpats does nothing for now, can’t change wallpaper or place furniture yet)
  • Added sandbox simulation mode for testing against random enemies
  • Added Dice in missions for random events (found resources, ambushes)
  • Added randomized expedition missions not ready yet
  • Added content and dialogues for stage 2
  • GREATLY optimized compile speed (x10 times) by assigning texture groups
  • You can now select dolls in combat and choose their targets. If the target is out of range, the doll will attack the closest enemy.
  • Added new dolls: Penny, Aya, Amber
  • Updated the render of Aria, Rye, Rose

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs everywhere! I’ll fix the new bugs and update render of Sam, Nia, Kelsey, and Edith over next week. Please vote in the poll.

Overall, the game is somewhat still a proof of concept since there isn’t enough dolls and stages to play yet, but I imagine the official release to be very soon!

play link


niceeee :smiley::+1:

Any bugs that you noticed? I fixed what I could find but lacked time to hunt more. Also can you guys test it on mobile? I added a lot of large graphics that may give trouble to older phones.

It crashed on my iphone 8 on google chrome. Could only click start, freeze then oops, something went wrong loading the page >.<

Edit: I love all your projects and am a passionate fan of yours :3
Keep it up! :slight_smile:

did you try the default browser? Since my phone (sony xperia) has much less specs and can run it, so it may not be hardware issue

No but I will niw and yeah (needed 20 characters to post but yeah I will xD)

Problem repeatedly occured while trying to open page on default browser.

Sorry about that, maybe it’ll work in future releases since I need to do more optimization

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Aw, the old characters were removed.
Also, how are the ranged girls supposed to gain weight, only through upgrade? XD

Yup, food drops will be plenty in missions and expeditions

Incomplete Update v0.21

Sorry for the long delay, it is final’s week and I’m studying like mad. I haven’t been able to finalize the official release yet, but lots of new features have been implemented!
Note that all missions are unlocked for now.
play link

New Resources

Fuel: involved in the production of some dolls, also needed for strategic insertions and expeditions
Carbon: Main ingredient in doll production
Explosives: involved in the production of some dolls, airstrikes also cost 1 explosives

Battle Fast forward button
Now you don’t have to wait in long drawn out battles!

Supplies Missions

These missions provide resources such as fuel and carbon, they are typically more efficient to farm than the main campaign missions (but you only unlock them after finishing the stage)

Procedurally Generated Expeditions
These missions cost fuel to run, but gives a lot of resources and put you in a very large randomized map with challenging enemies.

Tactical Insertions

Later missions will allow you to heli drop a squad on an unoccupied node (allied and hostile). Keep in mind that the enemy can do this too! Air dropping cost 3 fuel

To prevent enemy from dropping behind your lines, deploy Anti Aircraft (AA) in strategic nodes. However each deployment cost 1 strategic points (you get a different number of strategic points each mission)

You can also deploy barbwires on some nodes that will slow down and damage enemies that crosses them (cost 1 strategic point)

New mission types

Escort Mission:

you need to protect a truck on its route by killing enemies that may come near the truck

Protect Mission:

enemies will spawn in surrounding nodes for every turn, you need to survive until the turn limit is reached

Updated Info Screen

Updated Production Cost (Not active yet!)

Dolls now cost resources to produce, the “fried”, “spicy”, …indicates the calories type. You need to have the food drops with these types to count into the requirement.

Things that are not in the game yet

  • Active combat skills
  • Evasion
  • Dialogues for new missions
  • Some of the first dolls (Aria, Sam, …) do not have the level 3 weight gain sprites yet

Can we save again? It was disabled the last version I played.

I need some time to rewrite the save system so it can work on the web version too

It seems the download hasn’t been updated…

(Playing the browser version)
Also, how can Remy have abs AND be wide? XD

Also also, it seems the map movement gets a bit buggy, sometime I can move from one tile to another.

can you note down the tile position and stage number?