Food Frontline: a WG, Card Collector Game [Temporary Closed]

…i’m gonna be honest, when you say “sign of blockages”, what exactly do you mean? i figure it’d be sound wise since one of the actions is “listen”, but like, what kind of sound would it be?

Are you familiar with enemas? When the flow is strong, if you try to listen, you can hear a water rumbling sound, but if their are blocakges, then the volume of the flow would decrease. So by that logic, you can locate blockages by noticing the decrease in volume of the water flow.

Awesome! Any ETA for a release date?
Awesome work you’re doing! :smiley:

@Champion6 please do not ask for updates or ETAs. This is a violation of our Improve the Discussion guideline. Devs will provide that information as they feel they can.

The minigame itself is kinda buggy and simplistic, but yea I’ll release it in the next few days, I need to set the correct places for the tube and belly of each girl.

Here’s the minigame in action (turn sound on)

The goal is to find blockages by noticing the decrease in sound volume, and then you need to rub the blocked area to release the flow

Minigame Update (v 0.14)

  • Added two minigames: Pressure release and cleanse.
    • Pressure minigame is playable when you press “manual completion” in the recovery menu
    • Cleanse minigame is in the forge, players can choose the type of caloric dense liquid (liquid choose, chocolate, butter …). Caloric dense liquids are more expensive, flow slower, and tend to have more blockages, but give a lot more calories, allowing faster upgrade.
  • Added belly rub tool in combat, when you rub a doll’s belly, she will digest 2x faster
  • Also added belly rub tool to upgrade screen
  • Added @Coldsteelj#6767 's new 3D rendered doll, Molly!

Here is the recorded video for the two minigames

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Current Roadmap 09-01-2019

I’ll start implementing them after the first stable release of Portal Stuffing, expect to see new updates in a few weeks

Updated characters using Koikatsu

Three new support classes: Firearms, Artillery, Airstrike

  • Firearms: rifle/shotguns deal raw damage to enemies, but does not receive exp (calories)
  • Artillery: cost ammo to field, can choose ammo type (explosive, or sauces), sauces doesnt deal damage but gives buffs to dolls that eats sauced enemies
  • Air strike: can call down precise air strikes, like more precised artillery, but cost a lot more fuel and ammo

New Enemies

  • Long range enemies that attack from afar, require long range dolls or vehicles to kill
  • Charging enemies that have very fast speed and target back line dolls
  • Support enemies that buff surrounding enemies, rifle dolls or precise air strikes should be used to kill them first

New resources:

  • Carbon (for building and repairing dolls and vehicles)
  • Ammo: used by artillery and air strikes
  • Fuel: used by air strikes and vehicles

Doll production

will give a random doll, probability based on provided materials (the probably of each doll is shown so you know your odds of getting them)



cost fuel and ammo, but when assigned to a squad, can provide massive fire support and tank a lot of damage, should be used in boss battles and other very large battles


Logistic Missions

Provide materials, food, and calories, but takes time. I’ll probably make minigames to instant finish logistic missions


Other planned features

Expedition Missions Randomized combat missions that are unlocked after each stage, gives intel and normal combat drops

Simulation Training Fight endless waves of enemies in virtual space, no dolls are damaged, but no calories gained either. Returns simulation data which can be used on production, or sell for credits


Hell Yeah! This is looking awesome!

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I’ve finished making the weight gain and chibis versions of the new dolls, only need to pose them. In the mean time, enjoy their chibi animations that will be used in dorms so players can interact, give gifts and head pats to increase their affection.


Oh the chibi walk cycles are really cool! Nice work


Okay, this is epic. Also very stubby.


Hell yeah! Your outdoing yourself!

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Small Progress Update:
Midterms are over! I may or may not have failed some of them…
Anyway, I got some time to work on the two new classes: airstrike and artillery. You can choose what kind of rounds they fire, sauce-based rounds (BBQ, chili,…) do not do damage, they only apply the sauce on the targets and stun them for a bit, but dolls with those elements will do 200% damage to them! HE rounds will do massive damage, but in exchange the lost calories of the enemies wont be absorbed. These two support classes will be crucial in battles with numerous enemies.

Artilery: single explosion with large radius

Airstrike: a series of small explosions along the flight path

Other tasks:

  • You can now select dolls in combat and choose their targets. If the target is out of range, the doll will attack the closest enemy.
  • Added new dolls: Penny, Aya, Amber
  • Updated the render of Aria, Rye, Rose

Update maybe out soon, but I got projects due next week, sorry.


It look awesome :grinning: good luck with youre projects :muscle:

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Major Update (v 0.2):

  • Added [:star:] button to put the doll on the main menu
  • Added [ :information_source: ] button to hide doll stats
  • Added Artillery, Airstrike, and Rifle class
    - NOTE: Airstrike needs to be deployed manually
  • Added interactive map for each stage
  • Added basic dorm (headpats does nothing for now, can’t change wallpaper or place furniture yet)
  • Added sandbox simulation mode for testing against random enemies
  • Added Dice in missions for random events (found resources, ambushes)
  • Added randomized expedition missions not ready yet
  • Added content and dialogues for stage 2
  • GREATLY optimized compile speed (x10 times) by assigning texture groups
  • You can now select dolls in combat and choose their targets. If the target is out of range, the doll will attack the closest enemy.
  • Added new dolls: Penny, Aya, Amber
  • Updated the render of Aria, Rye, Rose

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs everywhere! I’ll fix the new bugs and update render of Sam, Nia, Kelsey, and Edith over next week. Please vote in the poll.

Overall, the game is somewhat still a proof of concept since there isn’t enough dolls and stages to play yet, but I imagine the official release to be very soon!

play link


niceeee :smiley::+1:

Any bugs that you noticed? I fixed what I could find but lacked time to hunt more. Also can you guys test it on mobile? I added a lot of large graphics that may give trouble to older phones.

It crashed on my iphone 8 on google chrome. Could only click start, freeze then oops, something went wrong loading the page >.<

Edit: I love all your projects and am a passionate fan of yours :3
Keep it up! :slight_smile:

did you try the default browser? Since my phone (sony xperia) has much less specs and can run it, so it may not be hardware issue

No but I will niw and yeah (needed 20 characters to post but yeah I will xD)