Food Frontline: a WG, Card Collector Game [Temporary Closed]

Well, since you asked for feedback I am here. I like the game mechanics and everything works well, but since this is a weight gain game the main reward of the player is to view like characters gain weight. Unfortunately personally for me characters arts don’t look good enough so that I want to keep playing and feed them. If in the feature you improve your drawing that would be an awesome game.

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That’s because it is designed to work on mobiles. You can play it on your phone’s browser too.

Thats the plan, but I’m a complete newbie at drawing, so it was a miracle that the characters that I drew didn’t look like stick figures. I’m slowly improving, but not fast enough I think.

The combat system needs a lot of work, but right now the main mechanics are swapping. In a long mission with lots of battles (01-04 for example), you want to balance out your forces, and swap those that are full to the back to let them digest. I’m also going to lock down squads so players can’t call in new dolls during a mission, only predetermined squads so that you will need to conserve your doll’s energy.

Each doll will have their own special ability that you can activate in battle. Also shield dolls are coming, they can tank loads of damage. And support dolls that buffs surrounding dolls are wip.

Thank you guys for the feedback! I’m working hard to make the next release

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I just want to say that I love your game and the storyline too and that I look forward to the updates.


WIP New dolls:

Update 04-07-2019:

  • Added 6 new doll images, these new dolls don’t have dialogues or backstory yet though
  • Added shield doll mechanic, they have high defense and health, but half the damage
  • Added bosses to missions
  • Enemies in some mission may move after your battle turn

looks nice:kissing_closed_eyes:

Man you make really good stuff. Would love to see portal stuffing get worked on though

I will release a sneak peak of my progress on the VN style version of the game soon!

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Small update (v 0.13):

  • Fixed upgrade bug where items can remain 0
  • Fixed multiple deployment of the same squad bug
  • Added a new stage with 2 new levels: Seafood and veggies
  • Note: save and load feature only work in windows download for now


I liked the new characters I had an idea that you could add the evolutions (promotions) of characters.

Can you explain more? Better yet, join my discord.

just speak your discord that I speak in more detail but at that moment I will only be available in the afternoon

Traits: Bonuses and Penalties

Right now, there are two types of traits: resistance and bonus
:shield: Resistance: dolls without the specific resistance to a type of food (spicy or freezing) will receive a hit or freezing status effects that will stun them for a bit
:muscle: Bonus: Dolls with bonuses to certain types of foods will receive boosts to attack speed and damage when attacking those types of foods

  • :hamburger: Grease bonus: for food that was fried or has a lot of fat (fast food, BBQ, …)
  • :eggplant: Plant bonus: fruits and veggies
  • :lollipop: Sweet bonus: candies, cake, sugary foods

Right now each trait is determined by the colors on the doll. Dolls without any traits will have a black and white color scheme. Note that dolls with special traits tend to have inferior overall stats compared to generalist dolls to balance out.
Ex: a doll that has resistance to spiciness and bonus for plant based foods will have a color scheme of red and green.

Fire Support Mechanic

For difficult maps where enemies come in overwhelming numbers, I want to give the player some form of support. Here are the current suggestions:

  • :rocket: Air Strike: can choose different payloads:
    • spices: increase doll’s attack rate for hit enemies, but deals no damage
    • napalm: gives crispy status to targets (increase attack rate for dolls), but fire damage dealt waste some calories
    • explosives: most wasteful option all damage dealt are wasted calories, but most powerful
  • :construction: Bulldozer: summons a bulldozer that pummels the enemy line, pushing a portion of them back and giving your squad some breathing room
  • :helicopter: Drones: deploy small precision drone attackers (with the same type of payloads) that persistently attacks random targets

Pets Mechanic

Another form of support could be pets (dogs, cars, birds), they should be summoned at anytime to target specific enemies (bosses, support). I’m thinking of giving the pets low health but high agility so they can dodge attacks, but they have low stomach capacities so players should consider using them at the right time.

I need your feedback

What do you think about the above proposal for new game mechanics?


I liked the proposal but you could add a human pet as a girl. Then she would also gain a weight gain.

Explaining better that tavo saying yesterday the evolution / promotion I will quote an image as an example:

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I think the dolls themselves already represent the humanoid weight gain elements in my game. Dolls that have their fatness level up are already considered to be promoted already. I would like to experiment with non-humanoid weight gain such as pets, or even AIs (stuffing them with new data or such)

Gonna be honest on this one, I think pets in a fetish game is a bad idea.

Can you explain a little more?

I mean four legged furry animal type pets. I think it’s a little weird. I don’t really care to see weight gain on a dog or cat.
Anime catgirls, sure. But not real ones.

I agree with you but don’t forget the nonfurrys like robots ect (don’t know others but yeah)

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Sorry for the long silence, I have been really busy for the past month. Here is a small sneak peak of the recovery minigame (the belly rub part isn’t implemented yet). The game’s purpose is to help the dolls recovery quicker by cleaning their digestive system with a fluid. While she’s filling up, the player has to listen for sign of blockages and rub those parts of the belly to free the blockage and quicken the flow. The liquid type could be caloric dense such as liquid cheese or chocolate to fatten her up in the process