Food Frontline: Gather cute girls and throw them at an endless legion of food! [v0.4.1]


Food Frontline is a card collecting game focused on food stuffing, inflation, and weight gain. Build and train your desired stuffing champions, defeat the endless horde of self-replicating foods, and save the world! FFL is inspired by Eat the Dungeon and Girls’ Frontline, combining fun WG mechanics and animations with the ability to arrange squads and move them strategically in larger maps.

Dev Logs

  • v0.4.1: Major release, fixed hundreds of bugs, added new girls and maps


I really like what youve got going so far, but the game locks up for me if i click mission 3 on stage 3 and it looks like also on the world wide missions but only sometimes

does it lock up the moment you enter the mission?

yeah, i get the start of the transition and the music keeps playing and nothing else

it is fixed now (20 character limit sucks)

Really enjoy the game and honestly it’s so fun to see a game come to fruition after how long it’s been around.

Also unsure if it’s a bug but I can’t seem to train the girls, at least not the two original ones.


Oh is training only available once they level up? If so you may want to explain that somewhere, unless I’m missing an info button.

I’m still updating all the tutorials, gonna take a while


I also encountered a bug where it says my girls are exploring when they are not. Sending them to explore again does not fix this bug.

What happened exactly was that I opened the game and completed the exploration, after that the auto save appeared to bug out and I closed the game. After that it says they are exploring in all other modes except I can send them on an exploration again for some reason.

the girls are stuck on 4000xp or it is intended?

so how beeeg are these girls gonna get?

that means they reached their level cap (I’ll increase it with more weight gain renders for each girl). You can evolve her, this process will revert her and her stats back to lvl 1, but with 30% more stats + whatever stat percentage gained from training.

play it for yourself and see :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to remove them from the exploration roster. Just being in the roster will give them Exploration status and lock them out of other activities. It says “Exploration” in other facilities because they are in the Exoneration roster, just not sent on an exploration yet

Ooh, there’s even a prestige style system? I was already interested in this game before, but I tend to enjoy such loops with real benefits.

Ah ok, but why restrict them from doing other things if they are just on the roster? Does it have to do with how the exploration task works?

its actually very OP because each evolution increases every stat by 30% and stack on 3-4 more training stat buffs. I might have to nerf it or else after a few evolution one girl can rival an entire squad!

yes, essentially. There are a number of bugs/unexpected behavior that happens if you try to do activities (such as upgrade) on a girl in the exploration roster for now

How am I supposed to kill the Bee Hive? My girls don’t target it, going for the bees that it constantly (and infinitely) spawns, and the damn thing eventually straight up goes offscreen

select your girl, then select the bee hive to target it, then detach, she will chase and destroy it. You can also use Penny and target the beehive. Amber + HE + target beehive works too