Food fugitive! (Early alpha: Release 3)

Hey Blue, I may be able to help with the writing and text. PM me if you are interested, just tell me what to do.

Alright so I’ve changed how the events are generated because pure randomisation proved to be a pretty ugly way of determining which events would happen. Now different events will occur based on how many turns have passed (or how deep you are in the dungeon if you want to think of it like that.) It’s still randomised, just ‘controlled’ randomisation. I’ve had some help with the writing so the self examine texts are ready (although I will likely add a few more later). I’ll get another event or two done before I put out another update however. Now that I can choose when certain events will happen, I can potentially have bosses or other more dangerous events happen either on very specific turns or within a range of turns which opens up a whole variety of potential ideas.

I like your game quite the bit. I in fact have gotten inspired, to make my own cmd game, like yours, but different, of course. Except, I have no idea how to do programming. So, could anyone help me out with how to make a cmd weight gain game?


FEB27 Update: MEGA
Player descriptions (More are in the pipeline, especially for higher weights)
Few more player room change descriptions
Mirror event
Turn Counter
‘Controlled’ event RNG (Events will show up depending on how many turns have passed)
General grammar/Spelling mistakes

Feel free to mention any bugs that may have appeared, I haven’t tested this one quite as thoroughly as the last releases.

I went into this with almost no coding experience, luckily cmd line stuff is very simple for a newcomer. Good luck!

This is honestly one of the best projects on here, and it seems to be slowly getting even better. Really looking forward to whatever you do next.

Well, what program do you recommend I use? And is there some sort of tutorial in the internet I could use?

I just use the basic Netbeans IDE to write Java in. There are plenty of tutorials out there, I had some experience in C# before I went in (very little though).

Um, I have a problem. When I try to open the .exe or batch, it loads for a quarter second, a black screen with green text appears on it, then it all closes down.

Which operating system are you running and is your Java up to date?

just a silly request, but I would love to see a version with no weight limits. by that I mean no limit on the weight scale, like it will always feed you, and no damage reduction as you get heavier. doesn’t make sense, but I would love to see how far you can get without any detriments.

loving this so far though!

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I’m not sure I’m getting the right file, or at least the whole file. Whenever I click on the link, the program I’m led to is only, like, 75kb large, and that seems…very small. Is there something I’m missing?

Have you tried running it, though? Also, it is a text game

A question, could we have some sort of option for a male hero? I’m just curious.

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I am aware it’s a text game. I don’t actually know how much data a text game would contain, unfortunately; without outside help, it’s really hard for me to be sure that I’m downloading the entire game, instead of getting cut off halfway again.

I have tried downloading and running it; no luck so far. Figured i’d try and elimate the easy options for possible errors first.

Anyone have the download link for this game the mega link is dead.

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it would seem the link is dead

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