Food marketing game (belly stuffing)


i’m making belly stuffing and maybe weight gaining game. I have sprites, ideas and yet I’m not a programmer. So I would need some help. Now I can make visual novels in Ren’py. And belly stuffing is just logically show different pictures after dialogs. But I’ve seen projects with Ren’py and also stuffing. I’ll try my best to do it by myself. But yet see some renders. I’m still working on the visual and texts. I’m not native English speaker. But I can be better in all this, but programming is a huge deal. Any information help would be great, where can I learn)

And I would be happy if you support me on Patreon) I post there a lot of exclusive renders and videos.


can you make demo version

I have one, it is on my Patreon not for the public use yet.