FoolishReplicka Arkhive (And "Don't Pop Me!")

Hello, this is my first posted topic.
I’m not sure if anyone on here is aware of this, but some time ago on DeviantArt there was an artist known as FoolishReplicka, who was a prolific inflation artist. Some time ago he had deleted his art gallery on DeviantArt, and later on the one on Twitter. This caused their artwork to be lost to the digital void.
About two years ago, a DeviantArt user called Immobiliser began a project to collect these works in a zip file known as the FoolishReplicka Arkhive!
By now it’s a grand collection, but the collection isn’t complete, and it’s not had any donors in a while; if anyone on here knows about FoolishReplicka and/or has any of his artworks, would they be willing to contribute to the collection?
If not, then I’m just glad to point everyone to a collection of artwork that I feel would serve as great inspiration for anyone out there looking for various weight gain and inflation art. Especially the rare male variant.

For anyone curious, here’s a sample or two of what the Arkhive holds:

Edit: On the 14th of May, we had 100 clicks onto the link.
To celebrate, I’m adding another link to a zip file; anyone remember that gameplay featured on YouTube called “Don’t Pop Me”? Turns out, someone has a zip file containing it:
Of Popstat, Clench and CattyN by AleksandrPo on DeviantArt

It also contains a few text games as well as comic sequences, so feel free to click that link and download from the post’s author!