FOR HIRE: Amateur Sound Engineer -- SFX Making/Processing, Music Mixing

Hey folks, if anybody needs some sound effects either made or edited, or needs a tune properly mixed, let me know! I’m definitely an amateur, but I’ve produced my own audio files as well as a brief collaboration with FurAffinity’s “Pop-O-Rama” team. I have a Blue Nessie USB mic (as well as others that are in storage currently) and experience in Audacity and Reaper.


Collab w/POR (I requested not to have my name on it because the source material is upsetting to me, but I did the mixing for most of this)

Yours will likely come out even better, because I now have a more neutral pair of headphones to mix on~

Send me a DM, I’m looking to take a few for fun and practice. I’ll make a sound effect for $5 plus cost of materials, edit one for $5 US flat, and mix for $7.50/minute of music.