Forest of fat

This is a basically finished RPG text adventure I am making in Twine. The basic plot is you are stuck in a forest and have to fight and navigate your way out. Currently, the protagonist has no gender described but I might add male descriptors later.

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs/spelling errors or want to give feedback.

Game currently has:

  • 2 fightable enemies that you can run from
  • Multiple game over screens
  • Belly size system
  • Way to increase max belly size
  • Immobility system
  • Health and food items
  • The start of a plot
  • Shop
  • Button in inventory that shows all stats
  • A full plot.

To be added:

  • Plot/storyline - Done
  • More enemies - Done
  • A way to run from enemies - Done
  • Items - Done
  • Rewards - Done
  • More events - Done

Known bugs:

  • Enemies don’t die as soon as they reach 0 hp. Press fight to end the battle until fixed.
  • Game over screen sometimes loads as a black screen. - Should be fixed
  • When an item is used in the inventory, all copies in the inventory disappear.
  • Items can be bought no matter how much money you have. - Should be fixed

Version 1.0: 386.4 KB file on MEGA
Version 1.1: 393.8 KB file on MEGA
Version 1.2: 400.7 KB file on MEGA
Version 1.3: 405.7 KB file on MEGA
Version 1.4: 411.3 KB file on MEGA


I noticed that the blue fruit didn’t remove itself from your inventory after being eaten.

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In the version I’m working on now I have made it so when you click on an item, it removes itself from the inventory. The only downside is it now removes all double-ups of the item as well.

Nice little game. Always great to see some male content.


Thank you, I myself enjoy male content so that’s what most of my projects will contain.