Forgotten TF/WG(?) Sex Game

Long shot, but I recall a game I played 5 or so years back - can’t remember if it was a TF/WG or just mostly TF game that I thought may have had WG elements when I downloaded it. I played it once, forgot about it, and could never find it again. I believe it was a text game (prob in-browser Twine or something), and your character’s stats (weight, measurements, etc) were displayed on a sidebar/menu.

The one scene I remember vividly is you could enter a club room of some sort, and there was a demon guy and some kind of dominatrix snake lady you could approach. When you talked with them you could get into some kind of fight/encounter with the snake lady where she’d repeatedly constrict around you and it redistributed your bodyfat/measurements. I believe there was a bartender in that room that was more friendly and would warn you about the aforementioned sexually explicit couple.
I believe there were only 3 places you could go, all connected by a hallway you started in - The club room with the couple and the bartender being one of them, a second you could enter but I don’t recall what was inside, and a third place gated off by a bouncer/guard at the door who you had to fulfill some sort of requirement to get by (which I never did).

It’s not much to go off of, but wondering if anyone could help me discover the mystery of this lost game.

What does the acronym TF mean, I am not familiar with this acronym, since WG I know the meaning :smirk:

Transformation. I think it’s a pretty umbrella term for various growth, expansion, m->f/f->m, corruption, bimbofication, etc. fetish themes.

There’s the site tfgames, which is very likely where I found this game (I can’t find it anymore, of course), that hosts a bunch of games of these various transformation themes. Fair warning - an extreme minority of them have any WG content, and a good deal of them have dark/disturbing sexual content.

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It’s the Cloister of Abundant Communion The Cloister of Abundant Communion

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That’s it - Thank you!

While TFs aren’t my thing (especially turning into other characters, realistic animals, and inanimate objects), I do recall something kind of related to this topic, but without lewd acts or weight gain. It was an old game called Squish Game, I think, and was based on mazes and dungeons found in some Western RPG video games like Arcana. The game was something of a FPS of sorts, and there were human girls running around, I think. And outside of using TFs to the eventual point of the girls being destroyed, the player could inflate the girls until they either return to normal on their own or explode. I think the game itself is lost to time.