Forks: A Weight Gain Visual Novel (Hannah Arc 1 Update 7/28/2022)

I meant more like jumping to a certain point in the story, but thanks

Yay, it’s not 3am for a change!

@smugdotexe Thanks, it makes me happy knowing this little project’s inspired more creativity. Hope it all goes well, and good luck :grin:

@Krodmandoon My scene ideas always change a lot from concept to implementation, sometimes when I’m writing one scene I’ll completely axe the next because it suddenly makes more sense to take it in a different direction. I’ve been working with these characters for so long now that they almost tell me what to do :laughing:
There are currently no unimplemented scenes (as in, no scenes that’ll be retroactively wedged between released ones), and if something is mentioned (like Alex being Morgan’s taste tester) it can be assumed it happened between scenes. I don’t plan to leave out anything major in this way, and so far players seem all right with filling in these minor gaps themselves. I’m glad I’m getting better at smoothing out the timeline with these gaps though! I just need even more practice :sweat_smile:

@ButteredToast25 It wouldn’t be a Team Spoon production if he didn’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
As time consuming as it was for Forks, it added significant polish, and since Toro and I plan to work together for a while yet it never hurts to give him more professional practice.

I think it’s already helped a ton for Aria 2.0, we’ve just started Piper’s redesign and it’s already so much better than her old flower-child look.

@Hixkeks Thanks! I’ve never tested this with Android as I thought it’d need a whole new UI to make it easier on touch devices, but that’s neat that it already works so well! I’m not surprised the progress app isn’t working, e put a lot of custom code in that.

@namad Glad you’re enjoying it! My experience in Ohio is purely from the lake area, I didn’t think about the topography of the rest of the state! Thanks, I need to edit that :sweat_smile:

@Lord-Numpty Thanks, I’m glad you think it’s improved (means I’ve hopefully improved :confounded:) and hit hard enough to offer up some good comments!

When first concepting Forks as a yuri/WG VN, I figured I should address both the yuri and WG. Alex is only just starting to publicly explore her sexuality after living her whole life in small-town Texas. That can be a hostile environment to grow up in, but we know she recently came out to (at least) her parents and brother. You can infer that Alex came out of that discussion conflicted, it was a mixed bag and to Alex’s POV this meant:

  • Alex loves her family, but now their love is suddenly conditional, with that “condition” being a core part of her identity.
  • There’s now the possibility that her parents are hiding other opinions about her and who she is.
  • Coming out was supposed to simplify things, but instead made everything more complicated than ever.
  • Did Alex screw up by “rocking the boat” and telling them anything? Is it all her fault?
  • Will telling them about her gaining compound these issues?

None of these points are necessarily true, but the problem is that Alex doesn’t know, and that gives her lots of anxiety which festers into anger. She even tells Grace that she was mad a lot growing up. The one thing that might help (an earnest conversation with, at the very least, her mom) may instead make things worse. The times Alex has explicitly said she was gay have been when she’s upset, as admitting it gives her a little catharsis as she’s finally chipping away at that uncertainty.

We’re also at a part in the story where Alex is agonizing over this while just starting her first relationship. Rea and Hannah are both more mature than her in some regards as they didn’t grow up under her circumstances, so Rea admitting to Alex that she and Hannah had been dating was A) stating a fact and B) small potatoes.

Rea proposing group nudity (and earlier, an orgy) is both her humor and also part of her story. From what you can piece together about her, there are inconsistencies. Grace may be the next update, but I look forward to Rea’s route. There should be a lot of silliness.

Morgan hints your point of Alex not understanding her family when she says life doesn’t stop at them. Alex will hopefully overcome these problems and discover that there are far bigger ones. Ya’ know, if I can actually write it all :smiling_face_with_tear:

@Aleece That broken dialogue with Andrew is intentional, he’s thinking she’s a bot/spam call and messing with her. In the phone note, I’d forgotten e found a way to switch it between imperial/metric and I need to look at it. Thanks!

@MaybeIDontExist I sure did :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I stealthily removed them once I realized I’d accidentally left them in (they were both originally intended to be used). That’s not the first time I’ve shown more than I meant to >_>.

@Fat_Belly Thank you for the kind words, I hope we can keep it up :grin:

@Zabi Scene selection has proven to be wonky, as it’ll carry future decisions back into past scenes and mess with variables and progress flags. It’s something I’d like to add, but until then I’d use the skip function.

Edit: Talking about Rea, she’s been through both the most rewrites and redesigns. Have I ever shown off Original Rea? I forget, but here’s her very first sketch:

Rea was originally the short one! She also makes a comment in-game about her hair being blue because, for a lot of her development, it was indeed blue. Purple was Toro’s idea. For the lucky people who’ve seen Rea’s cosplay portrait, it was originally as Alice, as seen in American McGee’s Alice. That design was a major influence for Rea’s early characterization and you can see some of that here.


I know I’m not a huge fan of that personally. It honestly has always felt jarring and like I missed out on reading something somewhere or a scene was left out. And while I do understand the games scope and size not everything will be able to be put in front of the player.

Something like Alex stating and hinting that she is gay. It just happens naturally with no need to explain anything to the player. Totally understandable that at some point she had to come out to her family and probably fine to be left to the player to fill in blanks unless otherwise stated. Having something that technically directly ties into Alex’s weight gain. And something that Alex would of had to of done at least a few times for it to be referenced in the scene such as taste testing being unknown to the player until then feels odd to me. But I am by know means a writer.

Even if it had been a passing comment that if Alex liked Morgan’s baking so much she was looking for a taste tester or could use some help tearing some recipes. While not having to be a full scene it would of felt less like I was missing some scene or info somewhere.

I think you paint a detailed world with believable characters that feel like they exist. Even outside of the players view point. The game is done in such a way that the characters and world building are great and the story being told is not constantly reminding you it’s a fetish game doing fetish stuff for the sake of horny brain. And if my only criticism is that I want more of the story in some places or some gaps filled in then they sounds like a win to me. The update was great and I love the growth (in every sense of the word) that Alex is starting to show. Especially with the latest Hannah scenes. Where she is growing more confident and sure of herself and what she wants.

Thank you for answering my question.

Dude, no. I don’t want to play backseat game developer here, but having Toro redo every asset for the THIRD time is a gigantic waste of time and money. The art was great in the renpy demo, theres no need to do everything from the ground up again. The problem here isn’t the art, the problem is production is doomed because you’ve parked the bus on the writing. It seems to me that Toros only redoing all the art because he can’t even work on cgs because you haven’t done any mapping out or planning in the routes so he has nothing else to do while he waits. I hope Toro is getting good compensation because if I was him I would bail if i had to do all that shit again.


btw, I’ve surveyed some local friends of mine, and not a single one of them would be willing to say that ohio is north of colorado (I know it’s true on a map.) I’m aware this is fiction, but if you want authenticity that line is not authentic :smiley:

edit: literally on the lakefront though? yeah it’s true. although it might be better to just choose another state rather than making an obscure reference to a city.

Aha, now it is 3am!

@ButteredToast25 Yeah, the art was definitely the best part of that demo. Toro had a ton of fun exploring the concept, he’d never done a project quite like it and we’re excited for what a 2.0 can do now that we’ve both got some hindsight. He’s had a lot of great ideas, and I think I’m better handled to keep up with him this time. If not, well, third time’s the charm, right? :laughing:

If I nitpick, I think Forks took about six tries to finally nail down. The very first version opened with a high school graduation speech, it was lame and everything else I’m terrified of accidentally writing :sweat_smile:

@namad Maybe I’ll do Michigan, I’ve driven through icy fields at night up there and it looked like driving on the moon. Thankfully nothing hinges on Hannah specifically being from Ohio, though that’s totally something I would’ve done in an earlier draft!


You could use reas initial sketch for her mother possibly, would make for amusing dichotomy of sorts
That and admittedly I find actually she’s like an actual Alaskan, she definently has the irreverent demeanor many of us have

I still have a bunch of old saves (non-working now cause I didn’t keep the download) from the 2019 demo that uses the 5th iteration. I’m glad you guys decided to go with her 8th iteration in the end even though I was a huge fan of Grace’s older design comparitely.

As a proud Ohioan, I say keep the Ohio reference please! It’s rare to see a fellow Buckeye in a VN


As a fool who attempts to dabble in both the fetish writing and game making spaces, and also as someone who has been following this project for a long time, I feel like I should toss in my 2 cents (entitled little stinker, aren’t I?)

TL;DR - Great update, I really enjoyed it. It really feels like a branching narrative with impactful choices and the artwork is all great. And it gets the horny going, of course.

Longer response: I really, truly, appreciate how (so far) Tron’s managed to keep this as an honest-to-god branching narrative with player choice impacts (no Mass Effect 3 ending here!), especially with how divergent Rea and Hannah’s paths become (I know Tron called them “alternate histories”, that seems quite fitting). I know actually allowing for such differentiation for so long can really be strain on writing, so kudos there.

Of course Toro brought it with some great new CGs, well worth the weight wait, and the new weight stage sprites look awesome as well.

On the particulars of the writing itself, there’s a lot to enjoy. The characters all come off quite human, and all feel pretty 3 dimensional. Hannah’s path in particular, with the new scenes, has really fleshed out her character a ton (hehe), and I’ve really appreciated that. Of course, it totally ruins Rea but, hey, that’s life. I am really glad to see characters have flaws and foibles and actually having to grapple with them - need some thinking to go with the smut! I also will say the overall story beat pacing is well executed - there’s enough scenes to build the world and let more impactful scenes breathe, but not so many as to make it a slog to get to the next juicy bit.

That said, I do have a couple critiques, although nothing serious. I do think there are times where the pacing drags a bit and some conversations get a little navel-gazey, but that could also be the monkey brain talking, too. I also have to agree with @Krodmandoon on “implied scenes” topic. There are some gaps that I do think are well enough covered by context to be excluded, but other times they seem to be quite large jumps. One I have some particular issue with was some of the new Hannah route scenes where it appears that Grace is aware of Alex’s goals, yet you barely even have any scenes before Spring Break with her if you don’t go down her route. There are other examples that I don’t have at the ready, but essentially it seems to me there’s a bit of too much taking for granted that either the reader/player will fill in those gaps properly, or that knowledge of other timelines/routes can just be transferred to the others. Not in any kind of “game-ruining” way or anything, just a little jarring and can disrupt the flow.



A fellow person of culture.


Awesome game- so much thought and polish went into this for sure. Only the fact that I always seem to reach the end of each build expecting there to be more is tough :smiley: Just to be sure, at one point you wrote about the new update “Hannah’s the one eating well this time”, and another poster mentioned that Hannah is much more “fleshed out” in this update… leading me to expect Hannah finally embracing WG and having some new WG stage, but this does not seem to be the case yet… Right?? Just want to be sure I did in fact play the full new version. The final scene on Hannah’s route is Hannah moving into Alex’ place and sharing a moment right?


I might be stupid but every time I get to this dialogue, I try to click to progress and it just takes me to the main menu. Not sure if this is some really weird old version of the game that i have but does anyone know a fix. I dont have any other previous save files either.

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That’s the end of that current route.

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So I was stupid.

Is there a specific way to see other routes or is it all in dialogue choices?

At the very bottom of the first post the grey text box if you click on that it will take you to a guide made by the user @xodan82440. It does contain spoilers, however. If you want to know how to get on routes without spoilers, it is tied to your choices. And you might want to try to focus a specific girl when thinking about your choices.

Also welcome to the site @smile.


Thanks I got into wg games and visual novels in general around 2 weeks ago so I made an account for this. btw do you know if any of the routes are done or are long.
Also what route would this be?

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Hannahs route is the longest. That should be the end or Rea’s route from the posted picture.


Yep, Rea and Grace’s routes are much shorter than Hannah’s after this new update. Which is rather unfortunate, as Hannah remains the only character I have zero interest in. I enjoy the new CG art, especially the new opening CG of Alex. At least Hannah fans will love this update.


Thanks for this. I needed your guidance on this.

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