Former Lurker Appears!

Hello loves, I’m Halo :heart: They/them pronouns. Found this site via SFRPG and my mind was absolutely blown by finding a community like this. I’ve played a ton of your games and have absolutely fallen in love with a ton of them.

I’ve had a lot of ideas kicking around in my head with nowhere to put them. I’m finally dipping my toes into game dev via Ren’py! Excited to get to know you all!


Welcome to Weight Gaming, glad to have you here. Good luck with your project.


Heyo! Good luck on your project! :heart:

Let me know if you needed any help with Ren’py! :smile:

I’m not the best when it comes to Ren’py in general, but I’ll do my best otherwise!

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Thank you so much! It’s been pretty straightforward so far with my first game I’m making, but the more sandbox type thing I want to make after is going to be quite a challenge. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yeah, that’s how it is when it comes to coding in general, haha. :smile:

For practice, why not a simple game? Something for you to get started, before tackling on your most ambitious projects. :heart:

Thank you for the advice! The game I’m working on now is a very simple linear story just to get me used to the interface. I’m excited to share it here even though it’s incredibly self indulgent and mostly for myself and my partner, lol. But you’re right that I should definitely take baby steps! I really am blown away by how some Ren’py games I’ve played on here are coded, there’s a ton of talent in this community!

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This hound welcomes you to this digital banquet of weightgaming, it’s a nice place especially when you get into the thick of things

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