forum meme page?

i feel like a meme page could add a lot to this community, by sharing memes of shared FA experiences it can help this community feel much more close knit. idk tho. thoughts?

The short answer is no. Those here who are on the discord know the admins overall feelings on memes, and while we are bit laxer on their use here on the forums we still try to discourage their over use.

There are a few reasons we have for this:

  1. On topic memes or memes related to the content of the site are really not all that bad, but more often then not it just starts to degrade into a shit posting competition which then starts to bleed out of the dedicated section and starts causing issues for our moderators and administrators in order to keep things in line.

  2. Memes in general we feel do not really add any value to the site since its main focus is in games.

  3. Finally and most important, if we made a dedicated memes section it would just start spamming the feed making it harder for users to browse games and development content which is the main focus of this site. Also, if it was just even one post storing data is not free and we have to pay for every byte we use and back up and we would much rather that go to games and assets then towards storing large numbers of memes.

In short, it really makes no sense for the forum, it routinely causes administrative/moderation issues, and its really not a good use of the communities resources.

Admin Note: Moved to #forum:site-feedback