found a game being made in

I mean it’s something i guess…This game has only things for Daniel for the moment…Sorry about the lack of info but that’s about it at the moment.

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what? if you’re trying to bring attention to a game you should probably link to it or something cause i don’t think this is enough information for anyone to have even the slighest idea what you’re talking about


this is a really amazing thread

why did they word the title like itch is an engine or something?

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a tree is falling in a forest


I found a drawing on DeviantArt :open_mouth:


Do you mean this game? Demo: A Family's Fattening Holiday v0.1

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I mean this as nicely as possible: this told us absolutely nothing and was a waste of yours and our time, unless you provide a link and some bare bones information.

Hey there! He was asking about my game, which @2-36 kindly linked right above your reply. :slight_smile:

I assume English is their second language, since the game is hosted 'on` the website, and on vs in can be very easy to mix up. Even for native English speakers. It’s perfectly normal, too.


Mass confusion, chaos, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I came here to get away from geopolitics bruh.

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A man has fallen into the river in Lego City


He COULD have told us the game’s NAME at the very least. :sweat:

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I’m closing this thread since the OP has not yet edited it

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