Found a game with an interesting character creation

Gaia is the game in question. Hopefully this is the right area to discuss its character creator (CC) a little

The game is a fairly basic survival game, I don’t there is enough in it to fully recommend it, but it’s not bad in my opinion. The CC has some great features, but it’s also lacking on a lot of stuff

It’s really difficult to change the character faces and some sliders only affect half of what’s supposed to change

Anyway, the point of my post was mostly the general CC and the one feature I wanted to focus on: character weights

You have a character that starts like this:

and can end up looking like this (all weight sliders at max):

I honestly haven’t played the game that much, but the 3 or so hours I’ve played have been decent. Also, I can’t seem to find any mods (other than the potato cannon on steam), specially since ARK has a mod called Gaia so that’s all I can find on Google

One last thing, the game seems to have a sequel in the works, who knows how much of the CC is going to be reworked


Is this the game you’re talking about?

If not, give us a link. Gaia is a very generic and overused name these days.


Yeah, that’s the one

Looks great to me, after I am not much survival because depending the one I play that can be hard to found a roleplay community.