Found a Sims-like coming out sometime in 2024

So here is the trailer

Any thoughts? I hope it’s moddable


Seems like there’s already going to be a weight system built in. If you go to 3:12 in the video it showcases some body sliders and when translated to English the 2nd slider said “Obesity”


Either way it’s a good thing The Sims are getting some competition. First Life by You, now this. Though I have higher hopes for LbY because of how the moddability is one of the main selling points, with pretty much all of the game’s aspects being moddable.


I really hope Life By You lives up to the hype. It looks amazing. Any game that can challenge The Sims is a good thing though. EA have really stagnated and one of my dream games is still a Sims/Sim City mash up


To me, the cat was the cutest part of the trailer.

I’m keeping a close eye on both this and Life By You. I really tried to like Sims 4, but it felt like an utterly soulless cash grab, and to me, the fact that Sims 5 base is going to be free means it’s either gonna be seriously cut down to force you into buying stuff, or riddled with microtransactions. Probably both.

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If you’re hoping LbY is just going to be a single purchase then you should temper that expectation. It’s a Paradox game, which means it’ll be a quarter of a game on launch and acting as a DLC platform.

If it’s successful, they’ll spend the next few years releasing more and more DLC for it before eventually releasing a subscription model to access it all. If it flops, then they’ll let it wither on the vine, leaving all those who bought it at launch with a shell of a game.

Granted, Paradox isn’t as bad as EA is with The Sims, but they’re the other industry poster child for nickeling and diming through post-launch DLC.


I wouldn’t class Paradox as anything like as bad as EA I have a couple of Paradox games (Crusader Kings 3 and Surviving Mars) and they’re pretty good without buying any of the DLC, although I will admit Surviving Mars was buggy as f**k* when I first bought it. edit missed Empire of Sin off the list of games I own - also fine without any DLC.

That said, yeah, I suspect that any of the Sims style games that are coming out have at least half an envious eye on the insane amount of DLC available for Sims 4.

At the end of the day, I’ll be voting with my wallet. If the reviews say the game has been cut down to facilitate the sale of DLC, I simply won’t bother buying it.

IQ’s right. Paradox is getting a rep for excessive DLC’s and a barebones basic game. Stellaris is a prime example. The base game isn’t bad but it got old fairly quickly, and the company was more interested in releasing DLC rather than fixing long-standing bugs or adding simple Quality of Life features.

Perhaps, but I’m not that worried yet. It’s common knowledge that the base game of Sims 5 is going to be free. Any forthcoming paid Sims style game is going to have to offer considerably more than Sims 5 or it simply won’t sell, so it’d be commercial suicide to release too cut down a game.

built-in fat slider sucks btw

yuge potential for modding tho

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Yeah, it’s crap atm but to be fair, that’s not the finished version. Not sure which version of the vid that is (CBA watching it again), but the one I watched clearly said in the commentary that the sliders are WIP.

TBF, if they don’t improve the fat sliders a lot, I’ll be skipping the game :stuck_out_tongue: Even Sims 4 looks better than that.

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to be honest, I really look forward to having a tool in the game to make the character fat like a bbw or ssbbw