Found a Sims-like coming out sometime in 2024

So here is the trailer

Any thoughts? I hope it’s moddable


Seems like there’s already going to be a weight system built in. If you go to 3:12 in the video it showcases some body sliders and when translated to English the 2nd slider said “Obesity”


Either way it’s a good thing The Sims are getting some competition. First Life by You, now this. Though I have higher hopes for LbY because of how the moddability is one of the main selling points, with pretty much all of the game’s aspects being moddable.

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I really hope Life By You lives up to the hype. It looks amazing. Any game that can challenge The Sims is a good thing though. EA have really stagnated and one of my dream games is still a Sims/Sim City mash up


To me, the cat was the cutest part of the trailer.