fox hood

i have quit rpg maker it keeps braking on me so i am use in this OHRRPGCE by Bob the Hamster to make the game jam game. boxy fooox hodes by boooooooooooox here is my first game sorry i have not put the weight gaining yet.
fox hood

super bug
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how much horror do i put in the game and it is still ok?

That’s completely up to you, but if you lean to heavy into the horror aspects you might limit your audience since not everyone is into horror games


why is making a game so hard i am not even done making it

Depends on how spooky the horror bits are.

there are only 3 places with horror in the game 1 i took out the other 2 are not done yet.

Not much here but I do like the possibility quite a bit. A bit of wg content would be nice though as the game seems to lack it. I like the Fox Hood character and would like to see how they shape up, so to speak. Good job so far, you’ve got something nice going on. May I ask what kind of wg content you plan to add to the game?

5 wg areas maybe a 6th.

I had a good go at your game, keep it up dude you got talent :slight_smile:

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sorry that there is no weight gain. i am bad at drawing it

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Don’t worry dude, Keep up the practice and keep your chin up :slight_smile:

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thank you for the help i did not know people would think that purple home was the end of the game. i really should of put up a warning.


Are the gummys supposed to be poisoned? They drop your health to 25 then 6 then 0 killing you.

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no I think I fixed it ?

in the update of fox hood. you are going have to redownload the game

Did you update the game recently, because the bug was still in the game when I played it earlier today.

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yes did you redownload it?

Yep. It’s fixed, the bug is gone and fox hood will no longer die from poisoned health items… Well unless you put a poisoned one in the game that I don’t know about on purpose.

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i forgot to mention the last update to the game when it happened

Don’t worry bro, our first games are always ugly. The important is learn with the time. :smiley:

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