New update, on the wings of advice I rise!

Now if you excuse me, I’d like to fall now. Unconscious, that is. If you have anything to say I’ll read it when I’m not downed.


Sue me for everything I’m about to say being almost 100% related to the end of the game.

I’m happy to see more kitsune appreciation in this community. Just saying, a kitsune grows a tail every hundred years, so in spite of how stupid it is, I love the idea of it essentially taking a hundred years to accumulate that much girth. Because of that, I can totally see this game being 9 chapters of tail-acquisition to become a gold/white kitsune.


A new update is out! Can you figure out how to get the new endings? I… hope so.


Oh, I like these new endings. Requiring using the text box is a neat touch, and the fact you had to figure out the “cryptic” clue in the cave to do so.


Not gonna lie, it took me way long than it should’ve to get the riddle done


Replayed real quick to get the corruption ending, which basically hits all the right notes and I loved it! I did want to say though - you should be more confident in your writing, you’re not bad at all. Even if you’re not confident, never let your audience know it, and they might never be the wiser.


Love this cute twine, your writing is good, dont throw yourself down. The best part for me are the interactions with the beast that makes me hungry for more of them, really glad on the cute details. Hope you expand more on this or make a new thing if you feel you prefer to move on, i will try it regardless.


V4 is out!
Possibly the last update for now. I want to see if I can figure out CSS, as it seems like that might help a tad with using Twine.


Tried the new version but didnt find anything new, i can be a bit dumb so please spoiler me on how to get the side endings.


Ah. That’s my bad. I accidently appear to have made something easier for new players…


1. Re-enter the cavern stream area at least 5 times to get text alluding to a “Daisy”. Mind you, not the STREAM ITSELF. The area CONTAINING the stream. This was something I thought you might do naturally as a player, but I can also understand missing it as it is tied to a specific area.

2. Go to the pedestal and ask for a daisy. The pedestal isn’t capable of manifesting just ANY object, but there’s a group of daisies nearby to take anyways.

3. Take the Daisy to the figure. Daisies are representative of purity, and a mysterious spirt figure would probably respect that. After they tuck the daisy behind your ear you unlock the forest cabin. You can probably figure out what to do from here…

4. But if you can’t, here’s more instructions. You can get the first set of endings from going into the cabin and having a good stomach capacity, alongside a alternative if the beast is currently with you. There is also a paintbrush you can pick up if you aren’t maxed out…

5. If you take that paintbrush to the canvas room you can choose to paint a picture. What you choose will decide another 4 endings.

Once again, not your fault. I just wasn’t clear enough.


Oh, honestly I didn’t think you had to walk back and forth from the cave to find the first trigger. Though of course it had to involve the pedestal in some way.
Though I do like the fact that one of the endings is just us getting spoiled and loved. Ascension is nice, but being pampered is just as good.

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Thank you for this, i will be honest and always thought that your description to the cave was always something to look out for but since it has the easy to increase capacity system at the weight before you wont fit, i thought that was it. I tried doing the explore and go back but only 3 times with no text changes and gave up, cant believe i should have done just a few more. If this is the last update for now, i thank you for the ending with the figure and the beast, pampering is such a sweet thing and i loved it.


How do I access the vore stuff