Howdy. Here’s something in twine I threw together like 3 days. I’ve never worked in twine before, and I’ve also never made a game before, but you know. Got to start somewhere?

You play as a fox, and explore the area around your home. Eat food! See all the text! Standard Adventure Fanfare!

(The first 2 versions have been removed for logic’s sake. If you don’t end up liking the latest version, I do feel as though you should have the option to take a previous one, so V3 is staying.)


Differences in V2 Include:

  • More Weight Levels in the in-between (Of course, more event descriptions have been added, and the size required to get to then is altered. Is the game any longer? Maybe.)
  • A new Digestion system has replaced the old one. (Although it is quicker, it’s also kind of janky. It’s times like these I wish I had used something other than twine.)
  • The Textbox is less vague! ( It still sucks though. Don’t get your hopes up.)
    (Will I edit it more? Who knows! I might add another ending, but I think I’d like to see what’s up with Quest, try to make something there.)
    Differences in V3 Include:
  • A new area has been added! (It’s a small zone, but I think it fits.)
  • A new set of 3 alternative endings have been added! (Can YOU find the not-subtle way to activate them? Will you even want to?)
    Differences in V4 Include:
  • We can have a little less textual self deprecation, as a treat.
  • A few new side endings have been added! (Maybe try walking around a bit?)
  • Text has been “re-aligned”! (Maybe your eyes won’t need to dart as much. The scrollbar usage has been minimized.)
  • Vore. (A little bit, anyways. Totally ignorable if it’s not your thing.)

If I add any more under my current framework things are going to get REALLY complicated, so this might be the actual last update before working on a something new.
Maybe. Unless I feel Inspired to rework a bunch of things. Which might happen.


What’s the game about, though?


Ah. You are a fox, and you just explore the area around you and eat food. Events get more rewarding as you get larger. There are 3 different endings, but the last one is kind of annoying. They are all pretty self-explanatory though.

It’s not particularly complex, but I still wanted to post it anyways.


Like. A feral fox? Or a fox anthro?

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More akin to a feral than an anthro in body.

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Oh, this I like. Feral Fats are one of my faves, but playable feral fats feels so rare.


I do like the endings where you become a macro, fat kitsune with multiple tails that possibly has a smol crown and a bear lover.

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Thank you for playing, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. By chance, do you have any feedback you’d like to give?
Aside from the textbox.

For the record, the textbox DOES work. It accepts single word inputs like “beast” and “sit”, which I might have failed to make clear in-game. Oops? But I couldn’t figure out how to get it to respond to the input without coming across the event again…


Only thing I can really say is that going over fullness doesn’t really have any sort of consequences from what I can tell. All it means is that you have to sleep more before you can eat apples, but considering the other events that add to your fullness without checking your fullness beforehand, there’s no point sleeping after you get to the point where you get the beast to feed you apples when you stumble upon the apple crates event, outside of adding even more mass to your frame.

I do find it cute that once you reach the final size you urge the player to beat the game, but otherwise there’s nothing stopping you from continuing to grow, just that there’s no more descriptions outside of numbers.


Going over fullness is only supposed to be a disadvantage in that you can’t eat more immediately, to urge you to return to the Meadow. In a more rpg-ish setup, I would be more inclined to add a health value that requires you to do something other then sleep to replenish. However, this game was supposed to be simple, I’m just sort of putting my claw in the water here.

(I was considering another size increase, but it felt like maybe that would be a bit too annoying from a player perspective? The urging to beat the game is more of a nod that you’ve essentially finished the game.)
Nevertheless, thanks for the feedback.


Just want to echo that this is a cute little game. Love to see more feral protagonists. Really love to see more macro stuff too, even if it is just limited to the ending.

I also didn’t figure out what to put in the text box, but I was playing on mobile so that mighta screwed things up


(I was considering a item that directly added size to the player, but I cut it because I thought it might make the game a little too verbose, and might add to player confusion when it came to what actually caused events to happen.) Glad to see you liked it anyways.

In a post above you can see some things that are accepted by the textbox. I’m REALLY sorry the textbox doesn’t really work, I tried a whole bunch of things while coding and I couldn’t find a good way to make the textbox not suck to use.


Amazing game, especially for a first-time game done in 3 days. Might even make a fan-art for this, if that is okay. The only suggestions I can make are:

  • More stages to slow the game down a little (in-between stages, I don’t think “near immobile” offers much more after it, besides forcing the game to end due to an immobility ending).

  • Digestion slowly increasing via capacity rather than suddenly ramping up to, and stopping at, 50.

  • Having some form of interaction with the figure past being given the cute crown(maybe acquire a fluffy red cape at around mid-weight? I really like the cute “tiny ruler” vibes).

  • Having the river be interactable and fill you up, giving the capacity increase when you rest.

  • Giving the character the option of either kicking down apples from a tree, or seeing if there is syrup in it(with a failed syrup check resulting in getting nothing from the tree)

| ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> < |

I feel the need to state again that this is an incredible little game.


it might make the game a little too verbose, and might add to player confusion

if you intend to make another game or expand on this one and have some pixel art skills, rpgmaker might be your best option to combat this.
if not on the pixel art skills, quest5 could be a preferable alternative to twine because as far as im aware twine is more suited for linear adventures while quest5 is more suited for non linear adventures.


Thank you for the feedback!

  • Although adding more size descriptions is pretty appealing, it feels like they might go unseen? If you understand? I’ll still look into it though.
  • Digestion actually stops at 60 after you get to weight level 6, but I get your point. Maybe a constant math calculation?
  • The figure does interact with the beast after you join with them, but you are right that they serve a rather minor role.
  • While this would make sense in a system that doesn’t work via a repeatable button, the repeatable button somewhat incentivizes you to click a lot, and if I did a player check for syrup vs apples, that could become annoying. Still a good idea, but maybe not in this framework?

I’ve heard good things about Quest. Seems like it might be somewhat tough to learn, but the UI does seem more friendly, and if it’s more friendly to the player it’s probably worth considering?

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its definitely worth considering, and in terms of toughness to learn ive messed around with it before, its really no more complex than just connecting wires and basic math.

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When I say more size descriptions, I mean to more… slow the game down. All in all, the game takes less than three minutes if you go start-to-max. Adding in more weight stages and changing when those stages change could increase play time, as well as replayability.

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Quwstion! what do i do with the text box that appears while exploring the mountain?

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It’s supposed to be able to accept some commands by typing them in and then finding the area again, but it’s kind of a pain. Consider it a side thing for now, I’m working on a slight update.

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