Foxy Friend - A Visual Novel

Hello! This is a small project I’m working on, as a sort of fan-sequel kind of thing to cakecatboy’s Comfy Companion. I got the idea when I played the game, was looking through their profile and noticed that all of the assets had been publicly released by them. Then, Foxy Friend was born.

There’s no download yet, as I’m working on making a small demo before I do so. The story follows the good ending of the original game, continuing to care and bond with your pet (plus getting them fat, of course.)

Here’s a screenshot and a rough-logo based on the original. (I’m aware there’s a misspelling in the logo, that’s why it’s rough.)


Holy mother of pog I cant wait for this to be released


this is a really good idea, ever since I played the game I’ve wanted more along the same story so I’m really looking forward to seeing the demo

Good luck! Looking forward to what you come up with!

… annd ‘watched’ :3

Curious to see what becomes of this!


Ive waited for this very day