Free Drawing Fat Help/Advice/Tutorials

Hi! I’m sensei cake and I’m here to share with you some resources on drawing fat and answering any questions you have about creating art assets for your games! You may know me as the artist/developer of Juni’s Appetite and Comfy Companion, and if you wanna create fat art for your game but need advice, I hope you can find it here!

General Art Resources:

I’m totally open to creating more of these for the future, and want to give game specific advice :>


here’s some more tweets (not by me) with helpful visuals!


I’m surprised this topic hasn’t got more responses. I for one tend to hoard anything to do with anatomy and drawing. You know, just in case I get the time/inclination to practice drawing again. I’d definitely welcome more.


I’ve always loved your tutorials, and as a new artist, I found them incredibly helpful in learning about fat anatomy! (And frequently referenced your work when experimenting with art for my gamejam entry) So a huge thanks for creating these!

The organization and structure of back fat one in particular was really useful. Would you consider making a similar one from the front/side views to compliment it?


I can try to, but it’s something I struggle with personally so I’m not sure how comfortable I feel to teach it! I’ll reach out to some other artists and see what I can do!


Some advice on creating original characters! (OCs)


Here with another update, a 4 hour long ‘lecture’ on how to draw fat! Streamed it last night on twitch! hope this helps you guys! Twitch

talking starts at 13 minutes in!


Wow this is great. It’s interesting that you pretty much gave the advice I kinda already started doing. I recently posted a few of my first drawings of fat women. I think they turned out ok. Still unfinished but not to bad overall.