Free Sample Sandbox

Do you want to watch a bunch of ladies chow down on some free food?
Do you want to watch fatties bully other fatties to steal their snacks?
Do you want to be responsible for a sudden case of ballooning weight gain by being the bringer of said snacks?
Then you might enjoy this cute little game made by @maxdigital and I(@SolitaryScribbles)!

Like the name suggests, Free Sample Sandbox is a sandbox game where you toss food to characters. Watch them chow down and chonk up. The bigger they are, the slower they get.

All the characters are randomly generated and will be different in some way every playthrough.
There are even 2 different types of weight gain that they can randomly experience.
Keep an eye out for rude ones. They’ll belly bump into others to steal their food from them!


  • Use the mouse to click and drag food items from the bottom menu.
  • Click on the restaurant floor to fire a sonar. This will catch the attention of other characters.
  • Click on a character to follow them around.
  • Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Right click and drag around to move the camera.

We hope you all enjoy!

Download Here:


First ever Gain Jam entry lets gooooo!

Also a question regarding the rules:

Is it alright if we add in an itch page sometime later for people to play, but leave the original mediafire link untouched for the judges? I wanted to make a browser version of the game available, but with that I ran into some technical issues and couldn’t get it working by the deadline.

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This is a concept i hope gets expanded on after the jam, regardless of whether you guys win it or not

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Yep that is perfectly fine! As long as the original upload remains untouched that is perfectly ok.

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this game is so simple yet nice. love it

Finally put the game up on itch!

It’s the same game more or less (wasn’t feeling compelled enough to update the gameplay), but it has an overhauled shader system as well as builds for Mac and Linux now


Very cute, not a ton to do but honestly a cute little toy! Best of luck in the jam!

Wow, Nice, Very cute

First Round Scores

Jux Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 500
Use of Theme: 500
Art: 66
Writing: 0
Music & Sound: 51
Mechanics: 40
Game Concept 55
Use of Fetish 67
Judge Preference: 53
Total: 1332

Grimimic Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 500
Use of Theme: 500
Art: 93
Writing: 23
Music & Sound: 25
Mechanics: 40
Game Concept 70
Use of Fetish 67
Judge Preference: 90
Total: 1408

Squirrel Score

Category Total
Game Runs: 500
Use of Theme: 500
Art: 86
Writing: 10
Music & Sound: 56
Mechanics: 72
Game Concept 78
Use of Fetish 89
Judge Preference: 78
Total: 1469

Final Score: 4209