FREE Wg writer (Hopefully)

I’m bored so I have decided to offer my services in writing wg related content for games. Still not impressed I’m offering it for free! However if I still haven’t amazed you I will write a short story for your enjoyment and the reason I’m doing this because I have no idea how to code.

       "Credit card declined, bzzz" Sarah sighed as this was the the fifth time her credit card had been declined and she was getting desperate at this points as she couldn't even buy groceries! As she realized everybody was staring at her as an uncomfortable tension filled the air. With a sigh, she began the walk of shame as her shoulders slumped and she began trudging home when she saw an interesting ad...Sarah was 5 foot 5 and was knockout gorgeous she had beautiful strawberry blond hair tied in a neat bun with a alluring face with beautiful blue eyes that you got lost in. With plump lips and a cute button nose. Her face was undeniably pretty. It only continued as she had slim but toned arms with dainty hands. With modest but perky b cups which led to her washboard flat stomach and muscular and toned thighs but her main asset was her gorgeous rock hard ass that attracted the most attention from the opposite sex. She was wearing a cute crop that showed off hef middrift and a pair of snug fitting booty shorts that showed off her amazing ass. The ad was quite interesting "Get 1000$, for free! Just head over to your nearest pharmacy and try the newest pill, its that easy" Sarah felt some excitement as she realized she would finally be able to pay off her bills as walked enthusiastically to the pharmacy. "Exuse me, ma'm you must sign this form before you proceed" Sarah absent-mindedly skimmed through it before  asking for the pill. "Yes ma'am, right away, just follow me" Sarah joyfully followed the man into a mysterious room with a mirror where she was handed the pill without hesitation she swallowed as she watched the man leave. She felt a strange bubbling sensation in her stomach, she realized she was growing? With a shreak, she watched in morbid curiosity as her body began to soften as she felt her belly begin to get covered in fat as her flat stomach began to pooch out before getting bigger and bigger she looked in horror at the mirror as her thighs began to thicken. Sarah's once alluring face had become softer and rounder as she developed a bit of a double chin. Her once graceful arms had been covered with a soft layer of pudge with softer hands. Her once perky b cups had swelled into d cups that were beginning to sag. Her once washboard flat stomach had turned into a modest beer belly that had begun to creep over her waistband as her crop top rolled up more to show her developing rolls that had begun to form. Her once muscular legs had become doughy as they would spread like peanut butter if she were to sit as they began to chafe. Her once gorgeous ass had deteriorated into being undeniably large as they pushed the booty shorts to their limits. Sarah was brimming with fear as she suddenly heard a loud ripping sound that set her over the edge as her booty shorts had been destroyed by her saddlebag of thighs as she watched her crop to go higher she realized her fate was sealed as a singular tear was shed. Sarah was undoubtedly fat and bordering on obese. Her once alluring face had been covered in fat as it had become the shape of the moon. She had a doughy double chin. Her once slim arms had become cumbersome bingo wings. She had watermelon sized breasts that hung over her apron of a belly with rolls and stretch marks that hung over her waist band and rolled over her enlarged fupa. Her once muscular legs had become monstrous thunder thighs covered in cellulite as she was forced into a waddle. Her massive ass would require 2 chairs as the doughy behemoth was covered in craters and dimples. Sarah was distraught as her once gorgeous body was turned into a doughy monstrosity and one that showed a tale of indulgence. She began to slowly waddle towards the exit as the gain had finally stopped but suddenly a rumbling sound filled the air. She was hungry?

Now if you still aren’t amazed I could add other characters and add slob and otherstuff and if your still mind bogglingy not amazed, that sucks anyhow as mentioned just reply or message me if interested


I decided to take my time to read this, and I must say: you need some practice in your craft. There are numerous grammatical and orthographic mistakes, including some seriously glaring punctuation mistakes that can really detract from the experience. Additionally, you have a bit of a repetition problem, leading to several sentences feeling the same. However, this is nothing that could not be fixed without a bit of exercise. Read some novels, watch some videos on how to improve, things of that nature, and you can drastically improve the quality of your writing.

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I appreciate the feedback and I will probably be back and I shall read and study more as I must hone my craft. Though I also must double check my punctuation which was horrendous. Thank for feedback.

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I will say having points point and by buy be wrong in the very first sentence doesn’t leave a great impression. Also I think the text needs paragraphs.


Here’s the readable version of the OP’s snippet so you don’t have to scroll sideways to read it. FYI, it’s still a

wall of text

I’ll hold any further feedback as it’s already been given above. Enjoy.


Ouch, I put a lot of simple typos that shouldn’t have happened, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ll probably fix it. Thank you!

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